How important is your REAL voice?

Everyone has a story to tell – what voice will you use to share yours? With eleven “voices” in the Communication & Action Function (Throat Center), and an infinite combination of qualities (lines) and traits (gates) it’s easy to see how we all sound different from one another. As a speaker and communication coach, I’m […]

Energy Intelligence and your message

I missed writing an article last week because I was at a coaching intensive getting my ass kicked. It was awesome. (If you don’t currently have a coach, I highly recommend getting one. I have a few spots available in case you want to explore what it looks like to work with me). One of […]

Energy Activism

I am an Energy Activist. It means actively managing my energy, including my beliefs, my biases, and opening my heart – even when my mind wants to shut it down, and shut others out. Discernment vs. judgment is a moment-to-moment practice: I’m discerning awareness (intuition) vs. the story my mind makes up about the awareness. […]

Messy Mom Monday Feb 22

#‎SacredLeadership ‪#‎MessyMomMonday The other night I was at open-gym with my son so he could practice his flips and grabs on the trampoline. I was the only parent there, all other 30 kids had their parents drop them off. I didn’t know any better. I’m sitting there reading my book and a couple young girls […]

Are You Done Molesting Your Business?

You think it’s just busy work, but are you in fact molesting your business? Chances are she’s tired of being groped, manipulated, bossed around, and working nonstop to make you happy. You did not create her out of mud and now she is a thing to be man-handled and forced into mindless never-ending work. She is […]

Want to see what I’m like when I don’t script it?

Hola! My son is learning Spanish, I’m trying to keep up… Learn the first place to start with Healing Communication in today’s video. It’s all about trusting yourself and your Inner Voice. (I really let loose in this one. Ever wondered what it’s like to sit and have tea with me? This is pretty much […]

Are you a Messy Mom (or Dad)?

This is a post I put on Facebook Monday and the response was overwhelming. Welcome to the first not-so-official #‎MessyMomMonday! Last week a woman who is an ideal client for me told me that she didn’t hire me a year ago because she thought I wouldn’t be able to handle her dirty laundry (and we […]

When Your Intuition Fails You

I recently had a huge sucker-punch right to my intuitive gut. I literally thought I was going to lose my cookies it was such a shock….and yet, it wasn’t a complete surprise, only the details were mostly a surprise. Long story short, I followed a couple recommendations from very trustworthy sources about inviting a local […]

Tedx Lesson #2

When I first heard of Ted Talks I had a twinge of recognition. The second time I heard of them, from a client who had it on her bucket list to speak on a Ted stage, I felt the call even more deeply. When I bought my ticket to see TedxBend in 2014, I was […]

Tedx Lesson #1: An idea worth spreading is an idea worth surrendering to

One of the most powerful lessons I learned from my Tedx experience is how one idea can radically transform your life…if you allow it. When I applied to speak at TedxBend, I wanted to talk about the Inner Voice. I had been kicking around the idea for a couple years prior to that of applying […]