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Thank you so much Kris! I am still buzzing with excitement. I have been feeling a massive shift heading my way for about two months and following the breadcrumbs have all led me to you. Talking to you was like having someone pull the sheet off of a mirror, revealing what’s been there all along. I could not have done that on my own and I am so grateful for your help.
New York
Having a better understanding of your children is priceless… Before Kris, we dealt with a few different therapists and psychologists to help us deal with the issues our child was having. Everyone wanted to label him further and put him on medications. We always walked away (all of us, including our son) feeling less then adequate about the stresses we were all dealing with. Life was a crazy merry-go-round with no end in sight. Things felt heavy and negative after each meeting. Our son felt like no one understood him (including us) and that just made him feel worse about himself.

After talking to Kris and getting a better understanding of how our son is wired we were completely opened up to a new way to looking at things. We learned why our son does the things he does. We were better equipped to know how to react when he was having his moments because we understood more about why things happened internally for our son and why he would react the way he does. The most beautiful thing about it is that he felt more understood and that changed everything. Things are now a lot lighter in our day to day interactions now. There is so much more happiness surrounding all of us. Without Kris we would have been stuck on the same path and I am so thankful for where we are today and the much more positive dynamics surrounding us!
I gifted the Human Design and Soul Design sessions to my son. He is 23. After the Human Design reading he called me to tell me how amazing it was for him. He almost couldn’t talk about it fully because it was so profound. After the Soul Design reading he told me that so much of these things made him feel less confused. It has taken off some of the pressure that he was putting on himself. Pressure that comes from society and our culture, that young people need to “know” what they are suppose to do before they finish college. Armed with the knowledge of how he makes decisions, he is more confident in his future. I’m so glad that Kris is offering these for parents and young people. It will help heal our world!
Northern California
Before working with Kris I knew what I needed to do in my life, and that I wanted to feel better–but I couldn’t take action, I was totally stuck. With Kris’ help, I learned to value myself, my intuition, and to be accountable to myself. I really feel like what I received from her (and so desperately needed) was the validation that I am worth putting myself first. I also learned how to break my goals down into smaller steps then take the action necessary to get things done! Kris helped me recognize that even the baby steps count and to give myself credit for them. I’m easier on myself these days and I feel more hopeful and lighter than I have in years. I have skills to deal with stressful relationships and situations and now take better care of myself at home and at work. Thank you Kris, for all that you have done for me!
West Seattle
Kris Prochaska is my ‘Coach of Choice’ I don’t know how she does it but she just asks a question and an answer that I’ve never uttered or thought pops out of my mouth. And that answer turns out to be the key of the moment!! It happens repeatedly. That is so valuable to me – I must keep Kris Prochaska in my support system. If you have big dreams, hire Kris. Make those dreams a reality!
Margit Crane
Award-winning author, educator & AD/HD game changer
I just want to tell you how much I appreciate you and the work we have done together (I sound like its been 10 years!) No seriously, I really don’t know the words to describe what a change you made in just one session. I’ve been struggling with this anxiety stuff for so long and wanting to reach out, well I thought I had anyway, but just never thought I would find someone/something that could really make me open up to make these changes. But you have. I’m so excited to continue. I came into to work today, and a coworker, said “wow, you look great! Something’s changed? There’s like a glow around you!” And I just said simply: “Thank you.”
Amy S
Before I met with Kris I was struggling with keeping my energy up and being excited about presenting. After meeting with her she showed me some energy and breathing techniques that helped me stay calm but positive while presenting. Also I did not feel so stressed about being in front of people after talking it through with her and realizing that it is about them and not me. During my last presentations I had a 90% conversion rate of prospects to the next level in my sales process which has never happened before. And it was the first time a crowd had ever applauded at the end. Thanks so much, for all your support.
Crystal Anderson
President Crystal Clear College Planning
I had the pleasure of meeting Kris at a networking event after I gave a speech that had my legs shaking and internal message that scared me and made me believe I could pass out in front of the audience. Little did I know when Kris and I spoke that day, it was the beginning of the rest of my life.

I began coaching with Kris shortly after my speech, and in just two sessions, I gave another speech with the greatest confidence I have ever felt. She helped by offering skills and techniques that kept me focused, grounded and confident, but also how to capture a room with my own energy.

Before I worked with Kris I had a hard time focusing on one project—I wanted to do it all! During our work together she helped me to calm my emotions and stay focused on my goals. She helped me begin to know and trust that it’s Ok for me to make money doing something I love to do —and that I’m really good at. She helped me to lift the emotional fog that can hover around me when I bump up against my fears and doubts, and now I have the skills and tools to care for myself.
Jennifer Westby
Before I worked with Kris, I was very anxious and hesitant to send out estimates to my clients. In working with Kris using tapping techniques, I was able to discover the source of my fears and my lack of confidence in my worthiness to charge clients what was truly reasonable for my work. In the time since our sessions, I have no longer harbored the fear and anxiety that I used to feel when telling someone what it would cost for me to do the work. It has allowed me to recognize that I am worthy of being paid a reasonable amount for the work that I do. In fact, the first estimate I sent after my sessions with Kris was so easy and the client didn’t even “blink” at what I had quoted her! I felt excited to show her what I and my business had to offer and her response was just as enthusiastic!
North Carolina
I wanted to tell all I know what a productive VIP day I had, Kris you are amazing and gifted with insight, intuition and inspiration as we brainstormed together, shared and put together a tag, business card, and program. I gained clarity and confidence as Kris led me thru the process. AND I was able to accomplish all that I had dreamed of for the day. Thank You Again,
Rita Duncan RN
Inspired-Brilliance, Mindset CPR for Women
Kris…I just wanted to let you know I officially quit my job at Swedish today! My practice is thriving, and I get to finally experience the healthy balance of being a mom and doing what I love while making a great living….awwwww the freedom! Thank you so much for all your help and guidance to help me get here. ..

Much love,
Soon after I saw Kris speak, I was laid-off from my job. I had been dabbling with a presentation coaching business but was stuck. I didn’t have a package structure and didn’t know where to go yet. I decided to work with Kris because I loved her personality, she was a great listener and her service fit perfectly with where I was stuck.

Our VIP day was amazing. I always thought I did not having a coaching framework. Kris asked all the right questions, and she was able to pluck from my head the framework I used time and time again. This launched a series of blog post explaining my process and is going to lead to a workbook as well. As a result, I feel more sure with where I am going in my business. I have structure, packages, and an amazing signature speech that audience enjoy and get great value. I was always really uncomfortable with sales. Kris showed me that the sales process does not have to be slimy, but instead is just a really great speech and a conversation. If you are thinking about working with Kris I would say “Do it!” She is a keen listener, honest, and helps you get unstuck in your business. She will propel you forward. I loved working with her.
Michelle Mazur
Ph.D., Communication Rebel,
I just had an AMAZING session with Kris Prochaska. Oh my God! She is an EXTREMELY gifted psychic medium. She told me things that my mother and grandfather said that I’m too emotionally touched to share, but were clearly from them. Kris felt the emotion my mother was expressing so clearly and completely that at one point, I asked her if she [Kris] was okay. It was real. It was unquestionably from my mother — things she could not have known. She is truly gifted.

Kris, Thank you for your beautiful and soul healing gift!
My Human Design Reading from Kris was so helpful! I learned things about myself that I didn’t know before, and they have helped me in tough situations. All I have to do is think about my Reading, and use some of the tips she gave me. Lots of kids could benefit from this because every day we are faced with challenges, and we can get past them easier if we know how we will react, things about our personalities, and things we could do to calm ourselves down. By knowing things about how we think or function, we can be prepared for a tough situation. My reading was so helpful to me for calming myself down, finding an environment that’ll help me complete homework, chores, etc. I think that Human Design Readings could be helpful to people everywhere!
Seattle (11yo)
I was motivated to get my daughter a Human Design Reading because of some of the difficult social things she was encountering in middle school. The reading gave her some vital insight into how she processes different situations and validated many of the instincts she had about herself. Kris spent time explaining to her how her unique tendencies and personality make her special and how to use this new knowledge to really cultivate her trust in her own beliefs and actions and make choices that she will ultimately be glad she made. As a mom, it was a powerful message to me that my child is a wholly unique person and that I can help her navigate the world by honoring her special gifts and remind her to listen to her gut when she is confused or upset. I can see that throughout the rest of her life, she will continue to refer to the things Kris told her about herself when she feels lost or unsure in an effort to find some solid touchstones from which to soar. The fact that she can get this important information during such a volatile time in her life means that she can set up healthy patterns of behavior and thought that will serve her for the rest of her life instead of spending time with a therapist trying to undo damage as an adult.
Over the past 15 years or so, I sought the help of therapists on several occasions and overcame challenges that weren’t necessarily top of mind but nonetheless important. I recently began working with Kris during a time in my life when I truly needed to make some difficult decisions, both personally and professionally. I have never been able to talk so openly and honestly as I did with Kris and I shared parts of myself that I have never shared with anyone else. At the same time, I’ve never laughed as hard either, as we plugged along working on various issues. Kris held this amazing space for me to dig deep and recognize my genius as well as my self-imposed boundaries, while encouraging me to overcome them with her support and compassion. I strongly encourage you to experience the passion and genius of Kris Prochaska. Your life’s trajectory will change as a result!
Before I started working with Kris I felt emotionally stuck. Negative self talk and doubt were unwelcome guests. The drain on my energy level was becoming ridiculous. I felt blah and had lost my zest for life and work. I decided to hire Kris while she and I were chatting at a social event. She was very present in our conversation … how refreshing! She connected with me in a way that made me feel comfortable, safe and understood. My Higher Self, in the form of a “light bulb” moment, said: she has a gift for you …. accept it with grace. We did brief, solution-focused coaching and I started seeing results immediately! Kris shared a tapping technique that is amazing. It helped stop the unreasonable negative thoughts in their tracks and replace them with truth …. my truth.

As a result of our work together I learned that emotional blocks also block being present. Kris helped me be more present. She modeled it for me and helped me to let go of the past and practice presence in my own life: personally and at work. I feel like I got my groove and zest for life back and I created a plan to help make one of my biggest dreams come true! I guess it is true that when the student is ready, the teacher appears. If you are considering working with Kris, you owe it to yourself. She combines compassion and understanding with intuition, skill and knowledge to bring her best self to her clients. I know she did with me.
Shoreline, WA

You understand perfectly what I’m trying to move towards! And as much difficulty as you had putting it into words, you got further with it than I have so far…

You don’t know me, you’ve never seen me work, and yet you just demonstrated more understanding about what I seem driven to do than I’ve ever been able to muster. And it’s not just my blind spot–I’ve worked with hundreds of people (and animals) this way, and no one has ever said anything about what I do aside from just that they like it.

Wow. That was amazing, and I think you just blew my mind.

Thank you.
Jennifer Pearson
I have worked with Kris off and on for the past 2 years, so I know her and the way she works and felt totally comfortable and trusting of her expertise. When I recently signed on as a business coaching client of hers it was the most money I had ever spent at one time on myself. Just making that investment in myself began to shift the way I saw myself and the way I thought about my business. Within the first month I was telling Kris, “this has more than paid for itself already!” During our work together she has helped me to see where my beliefs and my past hurts and fears have been keeping me from truly stepping into the business that’s always been waiting right under my nose. I couldn’t see it because my fears and thoughts kept me blind to my very own gifts and talents. Since we have been working together I have been more productive than ever and now I have a plan for serving more people with my services and products.
Lori Becker
As a coach teaching people to speak from their heart, Kris is truly genuine. Kris provided an animated and powerful presentation to the class on how we all first communicate with our energy before we ever communicate with words or body language. I knew that intrinsically, but hearing it and seeing how she presented her information was empowering. She encouraged us to listen to our own true voice (from the heart) so that we could have more clarity, connection and confidence with others. She made a connection with me and I am most grateful.

I believe that Kris would be a good investment as an inspirational speaker and coach. She helps people to overcome their fears and insecurities around speaking so they can speak and do business from their heart, creating more meaningful connections. Kris is delightful in all ways!
Bonnie Richter-Robinson,
Vice-President, Winners Don’t Quit Association
Before working with Kris, I was feeling stuck working for an agency. I had the idea that maybe this was the time to slowly start to build a private practice and transition out of the agency. I had no idea where to start. I bought a VIP package from Kris and within three months I had a business, cards, website and marketing strategy. There was no need to take it slow – Kris made it so easy!

I wanted to work with Kris because she has the experience of having her own practice and running her own business. She also has the expertise to help treat some of the underlying reasons for holding back – like the fear of putting yourself out there – She has the whole package!

After my first VIP meeting I started seeing results within days. I was able to move past previous blocks with a new awareness. I went from having an idea of building a practice to having a whole business plan – including clarity around the population I want to serve. I went from the thought of starting my practice in 6 months to having it up and running within a month! I now have my own business! That is not something I could say a few months ago. I now have an exit strategy for leaving my gency and having a full time practice. My business model is working like planned and I am building my practice at a comfortable pace.

The time with Kris is invaluable. I am so grateful for her compassion, warmth, energy and knowledge. She truly has the whole package and can get you to where you need to be!
North Bend, WA
I had finished Grad School a few months before working with Kris. I was ready to enter the world of entrepreneurship, but and wasn’t exactly sure what that would look like. I met Kris at a luncheon, and immediately felt she spoke my language! I was much clearer after our VIP day. Having the extended time and the opportunity to explore my business went completely beyond my expectations. After working with Kris I am ready to launch my new business- How exciting is that?!

If you are considering working with her, don’t just consider it- DO it!! Kris has played an integral role in helping me envision my new business. Her coaching and support were right on; gentle when needed, and she gave me the timely nudges I needed along the way. Kris is amazingly insightful and tuned in to what I needed, when I needed it.
Tamara Westergaard

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