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Are You Done Molesting Your Business?

You think it’s just busy work, but are you in fact molesting your business?

Chances are she’s tired of being groped, manipulated, bossed around, and working nonstop to make you happy.

You did not create her out of mud and now she is a thing to be man-handled and forced into mindless never-ending work.

She is not something to be managed, controlled, or tended to every moment of every day. (i.e., checking email and social media).

She has a life of her own.

Let her live it.

Let her work THROUGH you.

She needs breaks and playtime and rest too. (Just like you.)

She chose YOU, and she is both intimately connected to you and a reflection of you, but wholly separate from you and your identity.

Separate, but indivisible.

Who is she? What does SHE want to create through you, with you?

When will you let go of control and allow her to guide YOU?

Do you even know how?

Are you willing to know how?

Systems and plans and following strategies, they can be great – but only if that’s what SHE wants too.

Most of the time those systems, plans & strategies are what worked for someone else and now they think they have the friggin’ answer for everything.

No. Just the answer for some…including themselves.


You’re not alone in this.

You’re business is an entity of her own (even the tax man & lawyers see her that way).

If you’ve been feeling like things just aren’t working…or that you are this close to breaking through, but you’re not sure how, then it’s time to have a different conversation and interaction with your business.

…A conversation where your Natural Genius shines through as the vessel for what she wants to create in this physical world.

She needs you.

But she doesn’t owe you.

And frankly, you don’t own each other.

But you do contribute to one another…just like any great relationship – it takes space, respect, and above all: clear communication.

I can be the medium between you and the spirit, the essence, the Inner Voice of your business.

I can show you how to dialogue with her and work WITH her, play with her, give her space and affection without drooling all over her or touching her over and over when she just wants space and time to be alone.


Let’s talk. If you’re feeling called, trust that she’s nudging you to connect with me too.

She has a voice. She wants to be heard. She wants to tell you what she likes, what turns her on, what makes her happy.

It’s not different from what you want.

But, if you’ve never listened, or you’re so attached to doing what you’ve always done, or what you’ve already committed to do based on what someone else told you to do, then you may be unreceptive to hearing her.

Will you listen…or just keep doing what you’re doing, hoping someday she’ll give you what you want?

(‘cause that usually works in relationships, right?)

Set up a time to chat with me HERE, and find out how to connect with her so you can both get what you want, and have it be satisfying for all.

(Of course, you can keep on groping in the dark hoping someday she’ll get turned on and it will all work out – that’s always an option).

From My Heart to Yours,










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