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How important is your REAL voice?

Everyone has a story to tell – what voice will you use to share yours?

With eleven “voices” in the Communication & Action Function (Throat Center), and an infinite combination of qualities (lines) and traits (gates) it’s easy to see how we all sound different from one another.

As a speaker and communication coach, I’m acutely aware of how ‘true’ or energetically resonant a person’s voice sounds to my ears and my intuition. I’m interested in both the content of their communication, but especially the energy and intention behind the delivery of their talk.

I’m listening for a person’s ‘real’ voice when I watch/listen to speakers, and this real voice is not only what comes out of their mouth, but what emanates from their energy field – from their energetic design. Their Human Design.

And while a person’s voice (or voices) is/are found in the Communication & Action Function, it’s highly influenced by the other definitions in their design as well.

How important is your REAL voice? 

A couple news clips* I’ve come across in the past few months really piqued my interest. Each of them had to do with a person’s ‘voice’, speaking, and style of communication – and how they have influenced others – or been influenced by others. Each of these people are well-known and can’t hide from public scrutiny. Their voice is part of how they make money or lead others, and when I look at their designs through the lens of BG5 Profit Potential Coaching, there is a striking theme that is revealed.

When I came across each of these articles and the people/situations they described, I immediately wondered if they have their Communication & Action Function (Throat Center) defined, or if it is white – undefined. As far as I can surmise (two of the people’s birth times are unknown = Beto O’Rourke & Elizabeth Holmes) – they could possibly have their Communication & Action Function undefined, but without accurate birth time information, we can’t confirm this. [I’m only going to share examples of people and their designs if I have confirmed birth information.]

It’s not something to fix, nor is it a deal breaker – but those of us who have our Communication & Action Function undefined need to understand how to work with it because depending on the crowd, we could sound different or say different things if we’re not clear how this works. We may be surprised at what is coming out of our mouth – both in content and delivery! This inconsistency can have potential negative effects, or profoundly positive ones. 

A potential negative effect is exactly what happened recently with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez while delivering a talk to a mainly African-American crowd in the south. Her voice, cadence, and even accent began to change as she become more impassioned about her topic. 

Many people found her voice change offensive, and out of character for her. She denied this change was conscious or even intentional. I believe her.


Trait 12 is an ‘emotional’ voice, and in her design, it’s unconscious. Meaning she may unconsciously pick up the emotional undertones of her audience and communicate that, whether she’s aware of it or not.

She also has a very logical way of speaking (trait 62) that can express details in a way that others can understand. Again, this is unconscious in her design – which makes sense why and how she speaks so articulately in House meetings or from the podium at rallies. 

Logical and passionate, these are the voices of Alexandria, but they are also highly influenced by her audience. If she’s unaware, she will literally pick up and express the inflection, cadence, accent, and colloquialisms of her audience. She would be more likely to take on the voice of the people around her or possibly to amplify what the audience needed to hear, in a way they may have been able to hear it! 

You’ve likely heard the saying: “They are speaking my language.” And this language is much more than the verbalization, content, and accent – it’s a “full energy experience” – whether we are aware of it or not. 

What about the gift and genius of the undefined Communication & Action Function?

Jim Carrey, actor & comedian; Jim Henson, creator and voice of the Muppets; Robin Williams, another actor, comedian. All are men of multiple voices: all with undefined Communication & Action Functions.

All used their ability to manipulate and change their voices to create characters that entertain(ed) us all, and made them fortunes.

What Alexandria, Jim Carrey, Jim Henson, Robin Williams, and other well-known undefined Communication & Action folks share is the ability to energetically take in the ‘voice’ of their audience – and even what is NOT being said that needs to be said – and say it. 

They can create voices, and change their voice – think of it as having flexibility in their range and expression. It may sound manipulative, but remember it’s not conscious, nor is it always consistent.

What about the Defined Communication & Action? 

Lest you think that only the undefined Communication & Action Function can be changeable or manipulated/manipulative, let’s look at Donald Trump who has a defined Communication & Action Function. 

President Trump is very consistent in HOW he communicates, if not always consistent is WHAT he communicates. He is often accused of manipulating words and communication for his own devices, and doing so consciously (the 62 & 45 are both conscious in mixed conscious/unconscious strengths). But with 1 strength unconscious (35-36) and 2 traits both conscious and unconscious, he can be influenced – especially emotionally – by others, and his own emotional lability and it shows up frequently in his infamous tweets from the White House. 

There are gifts and challenges in both the defined and undefined Communication & Action Function.

And for those who are in alignment with their true voice, they learn to work with the gifts and challenges inherent in their design, especially in their voice. 

For instance, Beyonce Knowles having her Communication & Action Function defined shows us how powerful a consistent ‘voice’ can be as a singer. She sings from her emotions and her sense of identity. She’s also telling a powerful story in her songs about what she thinks regarding women, men, relationships, etc. 

And President Barack Obama, with his undefined Communication & Action Function, was able to be consistent in his communication despite the openness in his design. Our ‘voice’ really is a synthesis of our design, not just the Communication & Action Function and the traits found there. 

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One thing is for certain: when you learn to use your Communication & Action Function correctly – whether it’s defined or not – you can use your true voice to manifest all sorts of change in the world. The key is understanding what your voice (or voices) sound like, and how they influence, and are influenced by, others.

Will those voices get you or others in trouble, or will they liberate you? Only true alignment will say…

Kris Prochaska, MA

P.S., Discovering your unique voice and how you manifest things in the world (and even make money!) is all part of the Profit Potential Coaching that I do. At the time of this writing there are only 27 people in the world with this training. I’m thrilled to be one of them!

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