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For Generators &
Manifesting Generators

Hey Generator, did you know that your sacral is the epicenter of your genius?

You are a transceiver of energy

As a Generator/MG you both receive and transmit energy through your sacral center.

As you learn to work with this potent energy you increase your natural magnetism and transmit healthy vibrant energy through your marketing, working with clients, and even for the planet as a whole.

As you come into alignment with the gifts and healthy expression of your sacral, you not only fulfill your personal purpose, you ignite a global transformation that fulfills a purpose beyond you as an individual.

That’s badass.

A program specifically for Generators & Manifesting Generators...

…and not just any old G’s & MG’s

This is for business owners who are done with the old hustle paradigm that brings only frustration and very little satisfaction.

And while we’ll focus on how you make money as a sacral being, you’ll find your relationships, health and wellbeing transform too.

After all, you’re more than a business owner, and your sacral goes everywhere you go too. 😉

For those of you whose sacral is raring to go...

A healthy sacral is the #1 'profit potential' delivery system for
Generators & Manifesting Generators

As a Generator/Manifesting Generator, you’ve likely experienced:

• Spinning your wheels

• Rushing into action without knowing what the next step is (or ignoring your gut)

• Waiting and wondering if you’re ever going to get clarity on what’s next for you

• Lack of confidence about what to say yes to and what to say no to

• Wishing you were like the Manifestor Type (because it sounds so much more interesting and easy to ‘manifest’ what you want

All of these create contribute to frustration…


In the Sacral Warrior Intensive, you are going to learn to master the three keys of your Generator genius.     

The key is to master these three things:

1.  STOP LEAKING your energy – especially in the sacral

2.  POTENTIZE your sacral energy 

3.  GENERATE clean, healthy sacral energy 

…And experience deep satisfaction while making $ doing what you love, and loving what you do. 

KP SWI Wehn you do

💬  MARKET yourself in a way that connects and converts because you’re ENERGETICALLY ALIGNED

🎨  Stop doing what you think you should do, and create what you are CALLED TO CREATE

💗  Have deeper, RICHER RELATIONSHIPS with clear, energetic boundaries

🌠  Power-up the NATURAL ATTRACTION AURA that already moves through you

👣  Know WHAT your next steps are, and WHEN to take them

How does the Sacral Warrior Intensive work?

The MIND wants us to think it has all the answers and knows what is best for us.

It’s not true.

Our SACRAL knows what is best for us,
 but we weren’t trained to trust our gut, so we learned to override that pure generative sacral response.

…and with that pure sacral response comes clarity & using all that life force energy we possess as Generators, correctly.


When we use our energy correctly, we feel deep satisfaction. This is a satisfaction that permeates the body, emotions, and spirit.

What Other Sacral Warriors Have to Say . . .

When we use our energy correctly, we feel deep satisfaction.

This is a satisfaction that permeates the body, emotions, and spirit.

When you are satisfied, you attract more people, experiences and possibilities into your life that amplify this feeling and offer even deeper satisfaction.


I know what this deep satisfaction feels like. And where it used to come and go and I’d get frustrated over and over again, I no longer experience that.


Satisfaction is like a deep resonant hum in my being now. It feels ecstatic.


I want you to feel and emanate that satisfaction too. 

For you. For the ones you love. For ALL of our benefit.

One of the ways we cultivate satisfaction is by learning to MASTER THE MIND.

The mind is not the enemy – it’s great for reading maps, doing math, following a recipe, or even working on your website – but it’s not so great at creating. 

That’s where your sacral comes in.        

By the end of this 12 week energy revolution intensive you will know how to trust your strategy & authority so clearly that you won’t doubt that process again.

You’ll know how your shadows and distractions pull you off course and what to do about it so you can keep from being an energy slave to your mind & ego and feeling drained at the end of the day… 

...And instead experience deep satisfaction in your life & business.

Yes, you can create powerful results with ease & joy as a G/MG - we are designed to do just that.

KP SIW Come see

  9 Energy Valves.   9+ Ways to Hone Your Energy.

We all have access to each of these energy valves in our design.

Some are turned on all the time, some turn on & off depending on who you are with and/or the planetary transits.  (       We’ll cover all of that and more…)

ALL 9 valves can be sources of energy leaks which directly cause $ leaks.


This one is all about using your sacral power wisely and a little selfishly! This is your own source of personal power. It’s not for anyone else but you. Poor boundaries can cause you to leak energy here and feel drained vs. revitalized!


Waiting for the right moment for something new to come can feel like a lifetime! You can’t predict when it will come, control the form, or rush the moment. Honor this energy valve to ensure your creations don’t have ‘trouble at the beginning’.


When you love what you do and do what you love you can generate great wealth & power. The catch? You can’t just do it for the money, or you’ll see this valve close down and your energy & resources ($$$) dwindle.


Co-dependency is energy mismanagement. It’s taking care of everyone else’s needs so YOU can feel OK. Learn to nurture yourself as well as others and you’ll have this energy valve flowing at just the right volume & frequency for you and others!


You can create deep connections with others through breaking down barriers to intimacy. But this energy valve isn’t meant to bond with everyone! Lack of discernment can lead to confusion, broken agreements, partnership rifts, or lack of material success.


This energy valve has the gift of laser-like focus on the details in the creation process. It can also get too bogged down in the details and cause “failure to launch.” Learn how to discern when more detail is needed – or less detail actually generates more.


This energy valve is all about waiting, through following your natural internal rituals and routines and working with Universal energy as it follows a logical rhythm as well. Creation has a Divine logic to it – learn how to harness that here.


Life is cyclical and this energy valve is all about completing that which you have started. Let go of old patterns, complete the cycles that are ready to be done, and you’ll have more potent energy to grow forth & prosper!


It’s essential that you commit to the things that are truly aligned with you – then you’ll have the energy to persevere. Let go of expectations and attachments to how it will all turn out. You can experience ecstatic transformation – when what you say ‘yes’ to is aligned with you.


to Support Your Personal Energy Revolution

1) Human Design Treasure Map for Generator Types

Whether you’re brand new to Human Design or have been studying for awhile, this Treasure Map will help you understand how to get the most out of your basic design chart AND the Sacral Warrior Intensive. You’ll know how to apply everything you learn in the program to your own unique treasure map. YOU are the treasure and I’m going to help you see that so outside ‘treasures’ can show up with ease!

2) The Sacral warrior Intuitive Painting process

Making your mark on the canvas mirrors the process of making your mark in the world in business. Here we take the contemplations and the science behind the Gene Keys and Human Design and the 9 energy valves in the sacral and PLAY with paint and exploring the energies through your body, not just your mind……
3) Sacral Creation With The Law of Attraction
We are typically taught to create a vision with our minds and get emotionally tapped into it and stay focused on this creation. But we can get distracted by the mind and all the possibilities! Your sacral knows the way to bring your creation into form, learn to follow it and trust the process and you’ll see it – with ease. 

Through Personal Transformation Be A Part of Something Bigger, 

Our Virtual Meeting Space
All content will be available to you in our online portal. Join us live in the weekly laser coaching calls or submit your questions so you can get ongoing support, accountability & connection with other Generators & MG’s! 
Your Unique Gifts & Profit Potential
Use your energy correctly and share your unique gifts. This is the Genius that can only come through you. You can make more money while you live your purpose and make the greatest contribution you came to make in this lifetime. 
Global Satisfaction
While this is all about you and your energy & satisfaction, it’s ALSO about transforming the frequency of the planet. You doing this work not only benefits you – it benefits every single one of us, including the Earth & everything on it.
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Join the Revolution!

Which option will you choose?

In the Sacral Warrior Intensive Group Program you will get access to all of the group coaching calls, included bonuses and weekly activation sessions.
This is a great way to use your potent Sacral energy to create the life and business you desire instead of fighting against yourself! 
You’ll be gaining additional wisdom and support from your fellow Generators & Manifesting Generators. How to make $ by design will be covered!
You will get access to all of the Sacral Warrior Intensive Group Program coaching calls, Builder Revolution 12 month membership community and weekly activations.
This package also includes Private 1:1 coaching (2 calls/month + weekly Voxer Coaching hours with Kris) for those that want to dive deeper into the specifics of how you’re wired to make money in alignment with your design! 

Still not sure if this program is right for you?

Ask yourself the following:

Do I want to know how to stop being busy for busy sake and experience deep satisfaction in my work and relationships?

Do I want to know how to make money based on my design as a Generator or Manifesting Generator?

Am I ready to trust myself and trust my gut fully? (And know how to master my mind as well?) 

Am I craving a creative program that goes beyond left-brained study into right-brained creativity?

If you answered “uh-huh” (yes) to these questions, then I’d say you’re in the right place!


Your Questions Answered

A: Yes! This is created for both types of Builders: Classic & Express.

At the BG5 Business Institute where I used to teach Career Design Foundation & Profit Potential Courses, we use the term Builder vs. Generator as it more accurately describes our energy and “role” with regards to the other types. 

A: The Sacral Warrior Intensive is 12 weeks,  (with breaks for the holidays) While you’ll see results quickly, the lasting change comes with experimentation over time… 

 A: Not at this time. Sorry, this is one piece of my work you’re not invited to – yet!  Check out the Sacral Warrior Podcast on iTunes (or other places you catch podcasts) as I include tips for the other types living in a Generator world!

A: Absolutely! Here’s the thing, you can have the best strategies in the world, but if your energy is off, they won’t work. 

Friend, YOU ARE THE STRATEGY. What you’ll learn here will stick with you for life, both personally & professionally!

Many coaches don’t (yet) understand Builder energy and they coach folks to go against their own energy and quite literally become a slave to their business – they do this innocently of course! What you’ll learn in this program will empower you to take the best of your other coach’s wisdom and apply it in a way that works for you. You’ll learn some tips & tools for how to get even MORE value from your coach/strategist because you’ll be implementing in alignment with YOUR natural energy & design.

If you are a coach, you WILL have Builders as clients. And you are welcome to join us here too – doesn’t matter if you’re serving thousands or just starting out, how you lead with clean sacral energy will amplify your results with others exponentially. 

A: One of the biggest things I discuss with my Profit Potential Coaching* clients is how to manage their energy. I do deep dives into their body graph to get all the details of the profit potential hidden in their unique design. Your design shows us WHO you’re here to work with, WHAT you are here to market and sell, HOW best to deliver your genius and so much more. 

AND I’m always returning my 1:1 clients to the basics like “trust your strategy & authority” (i.e., wait to respond/trust your gut/wait for emotional clarity if that’s appropriate).

The deeper aspects of your profit potential can’t be really understood and utilized unless you master using your sacral correctly. I’ve tested this over and over again with myself, my clients, and my students and there are no shortcuts!

I will be sharing as much as I can in a group setting about your profit potential as a Builder/Express Builder in the Intensive. There is an option to do 1:1 Profit Potential Coaching alongside the group Intensive if you would like more individual attention and focus – please fill out the application form to see if it’s a good fit. I have a limited number of spots available.

*Human Design Profit Potential Coaching is a special certification I have, at this time less than 50 people in the world have this specific training and fewer are certified.  I serve my own hybrid of the Science + Art of Human Design & Gene Keys when it comes to Profit Potential Coaching and you’ll get that in the 1:1 coaching!

A: I’m so glad you asked! Yes, I do have an affiliate program in place for this program because every time G/MG’s transform & revolutionize their sacral energy it transforms the energy for humanity & the planet and YOU can help with this revolution! 

Email me if you are interested in becoming a Revolution Referral partner and I’ll send you the details. 

A: Since I only want people in this program who are a “Hell Uh-Huh!” and who have made the decision clearly through their sacral (+ emotional clarity if that’s appropriate) to be here, I’m trusting you’re a good fit right off the bat and refunds are a moot point. 

Whether you’re brand new to Human Design or have been studying it for a while now, I’ve got you covered. This program is about LIVING and CREATING with your potent sacral energy. You are going to revolutionize your life and business during our time together. (If you engage with the visualizations, experiments and QA of course!)

If you are just interested in learning about design but not willing to apply what you learn, this program is not for you.

You’ll have access to training materials right away when you join, so again, once you are clear and in – it’s time to roll up your sleeves, put your hair in a “work bun” as my daughter calls it, and get’r done! 

FYI: If we haven’t met before, or you haven’t seen me speak – I cuss. You have been fairly warned. If that offends you, this probably won’t be a good fit.

I will cover enough science here in a PRACTICAL way to help you understand yourself and how to make money as a Generator/Manifesting Generator.

I also bring in the Gene Keys, so it is a synthesis of both systems relative to G/MG’s. This course is designed for YOUR TRANSFORMATION. 

You’ll have PLENTY to geek out on here – trust me, AND you’ll know how to implement and integrate what you learn ’cause that’s part of my genius: synthesizing the art + science of design! 

If you are wanting to learn the art + science of reading your own chart & the charts of others, check out my Art of the Chart program – it is for all types.

We meet weekly (Wednesdays 10am-12pm PST ) except for the holidays: 11/24, 12/22 & 12/29 

You’ll receive weekly content trainings + workbook pages which should take about an hour to watch/contemplate each week on your own time. 

If you’d like to take this program even deeper, you’ll have painting prompts based on the weekly energy valve content to play with and see what your body & unconscious have to show you!

It’s really designed to make you more aware of your energy, and give you simple alignment tasks that you can implement easily, not overwhelm you with a bunch of info you can’t possibly get through!

If you can’t make it live to our calls, you can submit your questions ahead of time and I’ll answer it and tag the information so you know where to find your answers easily. I’m using cutting edge technology that will allow you to experience the Intensive content based on how you best take in information.

While everyone here is a Builder Type, so as I coach others you’ll get your answers too, you’re still a unique individual with indivual needs and learning styles. Where you are on your journey will be different from others, and with this technology, I’ve got you covered!

Let me ask YOU a couple questions:

Q: Are you a Generator (Classic Builder) or Manifesting Generator (Express Builder)?

If yes, it’s a good fit. – Seriously though, I don’t care if you’re just starting out in your business or have reached multiple six figures: Most people are not using their sacral energy correctly. Period. It impacts all of us, including your family, clients, and audiences.

Q: Would you like to learn PRACTICAL and legitimate insights and experiments (’cause there is a lot of BS info out there about Design) that will not only impact your energy levels but also raise the frequency of your work with others?

If yes, it’s a good fit.

Q: Are you a “gut response” authority?

Listen to your sacral. If it says “uh-huh” (yes) or feels expansive energetically to join us, then it’s a good fit. If you don’t get anything at this moment, come back later today or tomorrow and check again. If you get an uh-uh (no) at that point, maybe now is not the time. Trust your gut! 

Q: Are you an “emotional clarity” authority?

I’m going to tell you to do something that will make high pressure sales & marketing gurus CRINGE: Bookmark this page. Step away from your device and sleep on it. Come back tomorrow (assuming the cart is still open) and see how it feels.

Trust yourself. Trust yourself. Trust yourself.

The short answer: No. (do you feel relief already?!)

The longer answer: I question being an artist myself (just a little insight into my own insecurities!) Seriously though, the art/painting aspect of this program is more about the PROCESS of creating as a G/MG and less about actually creating something like a finished painting that you’ll want to show the world. 

(You might want to do that – but it’s not the point!) 

You see, painting and the tapping into the fertile creative void of our sacral along with the  ‘call & response’ process for G/MG’s is what you are ALREADY doing everyday in your business. Here you get to explore your blocks – and FLOW in a safe, guided, and potent way.

AND, it’s completely up to you how you choose to engage in this process. I will say that the painting & creative process will exponentialize your experience here and your ability to create your business from the TRUTH of your expression vs. something you think you *should* do…

Master Your Mind. Trust Your Gut.

The Sacral Warrior Intensive will not only benefit you,
but everyone around you as well, because as Builders, we are 70% of the population; we energize the world.

How we use that energy really impacts the planet and everyone on it.

The problem is that most people don’t know how to use this incredible energy correctly, and so they experience daily frustration.

What Others Are Saying . . .

Are You Ready for a Personal transformation?

There is tons of support and opportunity to ask questions & get laser coaching in the group only option AND If you seek more insight & support on how you make money as a G/MG choose the Private Coaching option.

In the Sacral Warrior Intensive Group Program you will get access to all of the group coaching calls, included bonuses and weekly activation sessions.
This is a great way to use your potent Sacral energy to create the life and business you desire instead of fighting against yourself! 
You’ll be gaining additional wisdom and support from your fellow Generators & Manifesting Generators. How to make $ by design will be covered!
You will get access to all of the Sacral Warrior Intensive Group Program coaching calls, Builder Revolution 12 month membership community and weekly activations.
This package also includes Private 1:1 coaching (2 calls/month + weekly Voxer Coaching hours with Kris) for those that want to dive deeper into the specifics of how you’re wired to make money in alignment with your design! 

Still On The Fence?

You read this far, so SOMETHING is calling you – it might be your sacral, could be fear of missing out. 😉

Let’s find out, shall we?

This is NOT a high pressured sales pitch. This is a chance for you and I to connect and dig a little deeper into your questions to help you make the decision that is best for you based on YOUR DESIGN & intentions.

I will coach you to make a decision that you can trust, that’s aligned for you, and that you feel awesome about! 

Hey Generator/MG – I’m so glad we found each other! I’m a 5/1 Generator myself and I created this program to be what I wish I had known when I first started my business over 15 years ago! 

I made a LOT of “side trips” (the polite term for bad f*cking decisions) and spent a small fortune learning the hard way how to trust myself. But it wasn’t until I started studying Human Design nearly a decade ago that I really understood myself, my purpose, my body, emotions, and mindset better.

This program is a synthesis of my training and teaching Human Design for business; my 25+ years of clinical training and experience as an art & energy therapist, my years as a speaker & performance coach, healer & medium, and abstract artist.

Psychically, I see energy and both the blocks that limit expression and the openings that expand expression – my specialty is seeing it through the lens of Human Design & Gene Keys all the way through to the soul’s essential expression.

After a conversation on my front porch with Ra Uru Hu in spring 2020 I knew part of my life’s work is continue his work helping the G/MG’s (aka Builder Types) of the world use our sacral energy in a much different way than we’ve all been conditioned to do. 

As Sacral Warriors, we are revolutionizing the way we use our potent sacral energy and templating a new frequency on the planet as we stop fighting against ourselves and our natural energetic expression & flow.

I hope you’ll join us in this Builder Revolution. Everything you need to own your sovereign power as a Sacral Warrior in business is here in this 12-week program!


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