Embracing Impermanence & The Twist In Our Incarnation Cross

It’s been a few months since I wrote a blogpost (or even recorded a podcast for that matter!) I have been traveling in the void. I return bearing good news…and…I have some *challenging* news as well. Let’s start with the challenging news and end on a high note, shall we? I tend to go where […]

Energy Vampires & Human Design

You’ve likely heard the term “energy vampire” or “energy sucker.” They are NO FUN to be around. Remember, we communicate energetically first and foremost, so there is a dynamic with energy vampires that happens waaaay before a word is even spoken, before you even meet these people face to face! Here’s the thing, you can […]

How important is your REAL voice?

Everyone has a story to tell – what voice will you use to share yours? With eleven “voices” in the Communication & Action Function (Throat Center), and an infinite combination of qualities (lines) and traits (gates) it’s easy to see how we all sound different from one another. As a speaker and communication coach, I’m […]

Energy Intelligence and your message

I missed writing an article last week because I was at a coaching intensive getting my ass kicked. It was awesome. (If you don’t currently have a coach, I highly recommend getting one. I have a few spots available in case you want to explore what it looks like to work with me). One of […]

Energy Activism

I am an Energy Activist. It means actively managing my energy, including my beliefs, my biases, and opening my heart – even when my mind wants to shut it down, and shut others out. Discernment vs. judgment is a moment-to-moment practice: I’m discerning awareness (intuition) vs. the story my mind makes up about the awareness. […]

Lighthouse Marketing for Advisors/Projectors

Talking with my Advisor (Projector) clients a few months ago* about being a Lighthouse and radiating their energy outward, we spoke about BEING an invitation to their ideal clients & customers. Here’s how to begin (whether you know what your Human Design is all about or not): Each day ask 2 things: 1) “Where are […]

The Art of Waiting: Your Super-Power Unleashed

You are a super-hero and you don’t even realize it.   We each have a symbiotic relationship with our design. It’s like a super-hero space suit. It’s our version of the Incredible’sTM “super suit.” Our Soul resides in it, travels in it, and it has a unique energetic make-up and purpose that it contributes to […]

How To Profit By Being You

Money and the making of it is on the forefront of every business owner’s mind. Oh, you may tell everyone you’re in it mostly to serve others or humanity, but if you’re being real with yourself you’ll see that if you’re not making money, you don’t really have a business. You may be helping others, […]

Your Energy Speaks Louder Than Words: What Are You REALLY Saying?

When your words and your body language match, it makes sense to us. We believe you. But what about when your words and your movement match, but energetically it still feels off? The name of the game is congruence. And it goes below the gross expression of words and movement: it’s all about energy. We […]

Energy Management: Why this is ESSENTIAL to your success

How is your energy these days? If you’ve been feeling like you have gone through the wringer, you’re right. Several eclipses, retrograde planets, and bad air (literally with forest fires AND figuratively with the low energy frequency of so many folks having shadows rise up out of the darkness to be seen and dealt with […]