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hey there! allow me to introduce myself...

Most people in the world are not in need of a diagnosis, or analysis, they are in need of understanding their own unique energetic make-up.

About 10 years ago, I was introduced to Human Design and the answer to showing people what’s right about them, and how their energy was either “on” or “off” was right in front of me.

The skeptical scientist in me questioned how we could know so much just from a person’s birthdate. I had explored many other personality systems over the years, but none of them resonated. I know from my own work in psychology research that subjective assessments and personality systems (especially self-administered ones) can be lacking in depth and validity.

I discovered with Human Design, through my own experimentation and delivering analysis to hundreds of clients, just how accurate and deep and practical a tool like this can be. And even though I’ve tried to walk away several times thinking that maybe this is just too weird for business and executives, the data and results keep bringing me back. 

Not only can I show people what their natural Genius is (what’s right about them and how they are designed to succeed), I can show them exactly what gets in their way because along with our Genius come our challenges. These are the flip-side, or the lower-vibrational state, of our Genius. These are the things that most of us label and analyze and try to heal – to no avail.

I realized I had been spending most of my life trying to “fix” these challenges, and making myself wrong for them, instead of simply being aware of them and choosing to show up in my Genius instead.

No more fixing necessary.

I say to my clients all the time: “I’ve never looked at a design chart and thought ‘Oh boy, this is not good, you’re screwed!'” 😉


As trite as it may sound, all designs are beautiful and hold great genius and wisdom AND while some designs may have more ‘challenges’ inherent in them, it’s nothing that can’t be worked with or honored, and it certainly doesn’t need fixing.

We ALL have challenges built into our designs. These aren’t something to overcome, they are THE WAY we develop our capacity for resiliency, loving, receiving, expressing, connecting, working, parenting, making money, and living a life in a vehicle that is uniquely configured just for us.

I love the vehicle I’m in. I am in awe of it’s capabilities, and I now laugh when I’m having a ‘design challenge’ where I used to judge and beat myself up for it.

Human Design has changed the way I see, and the way I be, and that brings me great peace. I wish the same for you, friend.



"True clarity isn't about
seeing the way,
it's about changing the way you see"

- Kris Prochaska

Now that you understand a bit about my philosophy, here’s my personal introduction and professional training along a shout-out to the teachers & mentors who have made a great contribution to my life & work.

Personally speaking…

I am a white cis-female (she/her) with two awesome teenagers: Eli & Anja. They keep me grounded, make me laugh, hug me when I look like I really need it, and teach me about what’s really happening on social media that parents don’t know about. (Basically, it’s a shit-show! Ugh.)

I grew up in Ohio, but moved west 30 years ago (has it really been that long?!)

I  live and work on the unceded lands of the Warm Springs & Klamath peoples of Central Oregon, specifically the sunny, not-so -sleepy-anymore, town of Bend. It’s the place closest to my heart besides New Mexico. I dream of having a studio there someday…

I’m a painter and mixed-media artist, with a BFA (Art History). After what I call a “separation of church and state” my art (church) has found it’s way into my business (state) more seamlessly. I absolutely love it.

I welcome open-minded, open-hearted folks who find their way to my doorstep, no matter your background, culture, gender identity, color, size or shape. This is a ‘no a-hole’s allowed’ healing and growth zone! ❤️ In fact, one of my favorite parts of HD is how objective it is, you can run a chart and even without meeting the person, be able to describe a person’s genius with clarity and lack of bias because it’s looking at energy flow.

Professionally speaking…

I am a Certified BG5 Consultant (Human Design for Business) and Certified BG5 Profit Potential Coach (How to make money by design). I recently taught both the Foundation Course and Profit Potential Workshops through the BG5 Business Institute and was a member of the administrative team as well. 

I received my Master’s in Existential-Phenomenological Psychology at Seattle University & did an Art Therapy Independent Study as part of my curriculum. My Master’s thesis was titled: Art Therapist as Shaman. (Maybe someday I’ll publish it!)

Out of Grad school I went to work with Dr. Marsha Linehan at the Behavioral Research & Therapy Clinic at the University of Washington. I did clinical & diagnostic interviews with research participants who met criteria for Borderline Personality Disorder and also co-led a Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) Group at the clinic as well. 

I also worked in the Psychiatry department at the UW doing research with homeless teens using Motivational Interviewing.


I met my (former) husband and we took 5 months off to hike the Pacific Crest Trail.  I learned how to live with only what I could carry on my back. I still don’t like having a lot of ‘stuff’ around that I don’t need (crystals and art supplies don’t count!)

When we returned from our adventure, I got certified in Hypnotherapy and went on to do yoga teacher training in the Iyngar lineage. 

Sometime between hiking and studying we got married and I gave birth to our son, Eli and I saw a few clients on the side.

After our daughter Anja, was born in 2008, I officially started my private practice with an actual office!

My inspiration was teaching my kids to trust themselves & their intuition because I knew I could never be with them all the time to help them discern who and what is safe or not. I started working with moms to teach them to trust their OWN intuition so they could empower their kids to trust themselves as well.

I got certified in Energy Psychology methods through Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology, using the biofield, tapping, chakras, and other energy psychology methodologies and my intuitive and psychic abilities came on board strongly and have developed ever since. I even studied mediumship and did some of that work for awhile.

About 10 years ago Human Design came on the scene for me and the rest, as they say, is history. 

I have found Human Design to be an awesome “assessment and intervention”tool – I use it with parents, couples, business partners, spiritual seekers, and entrepreneurs. 

For the super adventurous, I blend Human Design, Art & Creativity experiences, and non-ordinary states of consciousness integration into my coaching.

You ready for the journey of a lifetime? Let’s voyage together!


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