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Energy Intelligence and your message

I missed writing an article last week because I was at a coaching intensive getting my ass kicked.

It was awesome.

(If you don’t currently have a coach, I highly recommend getting one. I have a few spots available in case you want to explore what it looks like to work with me).

One of the things that came out of that intensive was a deepening of #energyactivism and what underlies it: Energy Intelligence.

Energy Intelligence & Emotional Intelligence go hand-in hand. They are deeply intertwined in fact, as emotions are energy (just like everything else!) They also underpin all communication as we communicate energetically first & foremost.

In my last email I shared the 4 components to communication, whether you’re talking to your partner, your team, or an audience of thousands:






I bookend this list with the energy component at the beginning and end as the Source of your idea or communication first starts with an energetic awareness.

Is your idea based in fear, trauma, or anger: “I never want THAT to happen again so listen up – we/you have to CHANGE NOW or else!!” Or is it based in love: “I never want THAT to happen again! What would a world look like without that? How can I enroll people in my vision and ask them to contribute to it, and make it happen because they are inspired?”

Same intention (to change something), totally different energy.

This can be VERY subtle and I daresay there are a lot of ‘movements’ out there (and I’ve been guilty of this myself) where the leader came from what they (I) thought was love (“let me show you how to do it differently because I did it all wrong and learned the hard way”), but it actually had fear attached to it. This subtle vibration of fear then ripples into marketing and sales pages etc. It ripples into board meetings with your team and pillow talk with your partner. There is a pervasive feeling that something is “wrong” and it needs to be fixed. I share this because I’ve come to learn that pain is not such a bad thing and we often learn a great deal from it. Oh, we can envision a better world – but if we make this one (and ourselves and others) wrong in the meantime, well that ‘wrongness’ energy follows us…

Let’s create and BE light in the dark, not in spite of it.

The content will change too: blatant lies, rumor-spreading, and instilling fear in others can be the foundation of a tweet, a post, or even a talk when fear is the energy behind it. Whereas stories, solutions, and invitations to connect in the “high heart” with love vs. the “pointy heart of fear” (as our son called it when he was 4 years old) can inspire action that serves everyone – not just the speaker or writer.

Your delivery is also important (but don’t think you have to be polished or perfect!). Authentic, real, grounded, clear, concise and connected – all trump perfection every time. (For speakers on stage, I have a caveat: if you read your talk directly from 3×5 cards without making eye contact, and you want people to connect to you and your message*, it’s not likely to happen as easily. Just an observation.)

All of these components of communication have unconscious and conscious qualities/influences – which will in turn influence the energy you express. Those conscious and unconscious qualities can be mapped in your Human Design (it’a a map of your energy after all).

While I love Human Design as a tool for understanding and creating greater #EnergyIntelligence, you can tap into your energy whether you know your design or not. And transforming your energy can change your intent, content & delivery. Quickly.

Your energy underlies it all.

Change your energy, change your communication = change your results.

From My Heart to Yours,


*When I work with my speaking & leadership clients I look at their design to help them understand their ‘true’ voice and how to prepare for a talk and hold their energy & strength while speaking so whether they feel they need the cards or not, they can prepare in the way that works best for them. Again, it shifts their energy and makes a HUGE difference.


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