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sacral warrior...notes from the field

Want to see what I’m like when I don’t script it?


My son is learning Spanish, I’m trying to keep up…

Learn the first place to start with Healing Communication in today’s video. It’s all about trusting yourself and your Inner Voice.

(I really let loose in this one. Ever wondered what it’s like to sit and have tea with me? This is pretty much how I show up. I get a chuckle when I watch it–I hope you find it entertaining as well…I also have my ‘serious’ reverent side too, you can see that in the “Unfinished Business” video below as well!)

Lordy my hair grew fast this summer and really bleached out in the sun-time for a visit to Matt @ Salon Essenzia!


Tweet it: “If it feels creepy…it’s creepy. If It feels shitty…it’s shitty. Trust Yourself and what you know & feel.” @krisprochaska

And now for something a little more serious:

Do you have people in your life who are unreachable to you? It could be due to:

  • mental illness
  • drug & alcohol use
  • illness
  • or even death

Maybe they are fine, but the last conversation you had with them didn’t go so well – and now you’ve lost touch…

If this speaks to you check out this special call I created just for you:

Unfinished Business: Healing The Conversations That Are Holding You Back

It’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Click below and check out the revised video I made for you…


Isn’t it time to free yourself from the emotional charge of incomplete communications? Join us October 14th if it speaks to you…

From My Heart to Yours,

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