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Podcast E9: Helping People Pleasers

Welcome to episode 9 of the Prosper By Design Podcast!

I speak with Amy Turner, a Rapid Transformational Therapist. She calls BS on traditional “see me every two weeks for years” therapy and calling it on your limiting “not good enough” beliefs to create new empowering beliefs! You can find her on her website at

I’ll see you in the episode!

In This Episode We Cover:

– Beliefs and fears, childhood experiences and healing – how our Design “does us” and contributes to these issues

– How shadows are a big part of our profit map

– People pleasing, over-delivering, over responsibility

– Moving from being a therapist to being a coach and how the standards and are different

– Owning one’s genius: in this case being a storyteller

Tools Mentioned in the Episode:

Kris’s complimentary Clarity Coaching Session:


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