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life well spoken: free your inner voice & prosper

The Book: Life Well Spoken

Leading others begins with leading yourself, and frankly, sometimes that is not as easy as it sounds – until you know how. Learning to trust one’s inner authority, stop second-guessing oneself, and not taking things personally are all hallmarks of a powerful leader. Through real-life stories, examples and questions to free your Inner Voice, Life Well Spoken takes you behind the velvet curtain and into the lives and hearts of women who have been led by their Inner Voice and how their lives and businesses have never been the same.

"A book that touches your soul with wisdom, truth and the space and opportunity to create change on a very deep and profound level. Kris is a very gifted writer that understands the human design and.offers a way for.her readers to understand how uniquely dedigned we each are withna specific message and gift.that we each have to offer the world. Beautiful!"

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