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Energy Activism

I am an Energy Activist.

It means actively managing my energy, including my beliefs, my biases, and opening my heart – even when my mind wants to shut it down, and shut others out.

Discernment vs. judgment is a moment-to-moment practice: I’m discerning awareness (intuition) vs. the story my mind makes up about the awareness. Identifying with the story my mind makes up: that’s judgement – it’s subtle & subversive.

Being the most dominant (positive) energy in the room, no matter how much darkness there is. Can I really dis-identify with the stories my mind makes up in order to be pure awareness, pure receptivity?

Yes. Maybe not all the time (yet) but it’s worth going for.

There will be challenges. It’s not as easy as it sounds.
That’s why it’s activism.

It doesn’t matter what color you are, where you live, how much money you have, or don’t have. It doesn’t matter if you’re educated, have all your limbs, are bedridden, or running for office. It doesn’t matter your gender, or relationship status, or even how many friends you have.

It’s who and what you really are under all those layers of stories and identity = energy.

You are energy. You can change your energy in a second. You don’t just have that power – you ARE that power.

#energyactivism yes, it’s now officially a movement. How will you manage your energy and create the world you want to live in, right now?

Here’s the thing, whether you’re a social activist, gender equality activist, racial equality activist, environmental activist, animal activist, or your run-of-the-mill ‘I’ll fight the good fight activist’: It starts with your energy, always.

If you want to change people’s minds you must first speak to their hearts. Anger, righteousness, defensiveness all create more of the same, and less of the outcome you wish to create.

Get your energy right first, and you’ll see the truth: There is no fight, only love. And we are all on the same side.
#humanity #energyactivist

While anyone can be an Energy Activist, I have found that understanding my energetic design (aka, Human Design) makes the whole discernment process MUCH easier! I know how my energy best flows and I can discern better what’s mine and what I’m picking up from others. I can get my energy back into flow and ease much more quickly, without having to make up stories about myself or others.

Stories block receiving. Stories keep us stuck in an identity crisis. (When our identity starts to crumble, that’s a GOOD thing in most cases! The crisis occurs when we identify with our stories, not when we let go of who we think we, and others, are.)

This #energyactivism movement came out of my experience as a TEDx speaker coach. We just had our TEDx event here in Bend last Saturday and several of the speakers are activists relative to their specific idea and area of passion.

Here’s what I know and it’s worth repeating: In order to change someone’s mind, you must first speak to their heart – especially when the idea is emotionally charged for people. Some speakers did this effortlessly, while others didn’t do this as effectively. This is an observation, not a judgement.

Overall, it came down to the energy they brought to the stage and to their message.

You can have a great idea and fantastic content, but if your energy is “off” – it will lead to “off” results.

There are 4 components to communication, whether you’re talking to your partner, your team, or an audience of thousands:





All of these components of communication have unconscious and conscious qualities/influences – which will in turn influence the energy you express.

And transforming your energy can change your intent, content & delivery. Quickly.

Your energy underlies it all.

Change your energy, change your communication = change your results.

I’ll unpack the 4 components to communication in another article, but for now focus on your energy.

Become an energy activist and see your world transform.

From My Heart to Yours,



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