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Are you looking for a speaker who doesn’t just show up and talk, but actually transmits her message in a way that your audience leaves feeling like THEY were heard?

Look no further.

Do you want to hear fresh, innovative, content that’s unique, practical, and delivered in an entertaining and engaging way?

I’ve got that.

Are you feeling burned by speakers who seemed great when you were booking them, but they made you cringe when they took the stage (YOUR stage)?

I’ve got a no-cringe policy around here.

Watch Kris giving her 2015 TEDxBend talk

Let’s be real, as an event coordinator and the person responsible for booking speakers, your ass is on the line. If the speaker is awesome, you look like a rockstar. If the speaker is a dud, you’re the one who takes the heat (regardless of the fact that you can’t control what happens on stage).

Let me make it easy for you. Let me make you look good – and give your audience a powerful experience they won’t soon forget.

I’ve coached TEDx speakers, leaders, entrepreneurs, and even a politician – and have booked numerous speakers for events. I’m intimately familiar with all aspects of speaking onstage and off, so I know how important it is as an event organizer to have someone who’s a good speaker anchoring the event with their talk.

Below you’ll find a couple examples of me speaking. My 2015 TEDx talk has over 355,000 views and while I spoke about “How to get your Kids to Listen & Engage” the message holds true in business as well.

While my audiences range from the TEDx stage in front of a 1400+ live audience to roomfuls of 200+ women entrepreneurs, and even smaller, more intimate gatherings with men and women, along with live interviews on radio, my focus and intention is always the same: Show up professionally and authentically and give each unique audience my best content in a way that’s entertaining, educational, inspirational, thought-provoking, and tailored for how listeners will best receive the message that wants to come through me.

A few of my favorite topics include:

  • Emotional Intelligence 5.0: This is a mind-blowing and heart opening talk I’ve delivered to a team at MindBody, networking luncheons, small group salons, and couples – with powerful results!
  • Making Powerful Decisions by Design: An eye-opening discussion about how to make decisions in alignment with your design – no matter what type you are!
  • The Creative Process in Business: Being an artist has taught me a lot about how to navigate the ‘fertile creative void’ as an entrepreneur – here we’ll look at the promises and pitfalls as you make your mark – on the canvas or the world!

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