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Welcome to the Sacral Warrior podcast!

While I focus mostly on Generators and Manifesting Generators who are in business, many of my clients and audience members are NOT sacral beings but they do live with, love, guide, and coach us G/MG’s and I include a ‘pro-tip’ in each episode for the other types. 

We live in a Generator world with 70% of the population being G/MG’s and we literally template the energy on the planet, at home and at work. Creating a business is both fun and challenging – as Sacral Warriors we no longer fight against ourselves or our design, and not only does this open us up to more satisfaction in our lives and work, and greater prosperity, it templates a healthy generative energy for ALL other types!

Saddle up Warriors, it’s time to ride in a whole new way…

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Let’s start a revolution, shall we? A Sacral Revolution!

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