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Energy Vampires & Human Design

You’ve likely heard the term “energy vampire” or “energy sucker.”

They are NO FUN to be around.

Remember, we communicate energetically first and foremost, so there is a dynamic with energy vampires that happens waaaay before a word is even spoken, before you even meet these people face to face!

Here’s the thing, you can be super smart, and even educated in the ways of energy – and still fall into the trap of an energy sucker.

You may work for (and with) highly conscious and ‘evolved’ people, who look good on paper or on the outside, but leave you feeling icky when you’re with them. TRUST YOURSELF and trust your awareness.

The first rule is: DO NOT beat yourself up. For goodness sake, you’re already drained, don’t make it worse with the shoulda, coulda, woulda circle-jerk in your head.

The second rule: Disengage. As fast as possible. In fact, the swifter and cleaner the better. Do not create more drama around this person. Share with one, maybe two, of your closest confidants what happened or is happening, take responsibility for your part in the dance, and leave the drama behind. Trust me on this one. I wrote an article about getting out of the narcissist’s web (which is a perfect example of an energy vamp) – you can read that HERE.

Managing our energy is ESSENTIAL as we are building our businesses and speaking to groups of people, and navigating our personal relationships.

In this video I share with you the continuum between energy vamps and energy bleeders – and the ‘pole’ you need to BE (not wrap yourself around) in order to avoid being either a sucker or a bleeder…

Oh, and I tie it into Human Design and which Type(s) are most likely to be energy vamps…I had a cool ah-ha about this as I was recording the video – it was so profound!!

Enjoy and I hope this helps you manage your energy with greater discernment. We need your highest vibrational expression – so don’t let the suckers get you down, and don’t bleed out on us 😉




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