Truth: I Dare You.

I’m inspired by one of my Mastermind friends, Chelsey-Marie an amazing and super-talented brand-strategist and daring entrepreneur to play a little game with you today. In my book, Life Well Spoken (p.263) I share a technique that I love to use when I’m having a really hard time with gratitude. (If you’ve been on my […]

Feeling Funky? You’re Not Alone!

Today’s article is for you folks who are really feeling rocked by the astrological events of the past month or two-a lunar eclipse April 15th, the “grand cross” on the 22nd/23rd, a solar eclipse on the 28th, and numerous other fun opportunities for getting in alignment that the Universe has dished up recently! 😉 It’s […]

How To Work Small Range For Huge Gains

Successful people choose to do mostly small and seemingly inconsequential actions everyday that bring them closer to their dreams that 95% of people don’t, or won’t, choose to do. I love my Barre 3 class. (I promise this story will relate to your business & mindset and not just about my abs!) If you’ve never […]

When Puking Is A Sign You’re On The Right Track

At Darla LeDoux’s event in Vegas 2 weeks ago I saw Suzanne Evans speak. She’s a riot! And extremely successful. (Here’s a pic of Suzanne & Jimbo Marshall of Hell Yeah Studios on stage). Suzanne shared that at one point in her business she invested several thousand dollars a month more than she was currently […]

What is Love, Actually?

I am a healer. I always have been. It’s in my nature (and my design), I cannot help myself, I want to help, serve and support people – to love them. Perhaps you can relate? I know there are many healers out there reading this right now. Maybe that’s not what you do for your […]

My Gift to you: Two Chapters of my new book!

You are the first folks to get a sneak peek at my book:  Life Well Spoken: Free Your Inner Voice & Prosper. In lieu of an article, I’ll let the chapters speak for themselves!  Look below to complete the webform and your chapters will be on the way to you… If you would like to […]

Are You Broken Yet?

I was listening to Air1 radio station the other day. I love most of the songs and the fact that the music is sometimes hard rock or rap but has a positive message. The DJ was talking about being “broken”. He was talking about how people often think of themselves as broken, as less than, […]

Quantum Leaps Are Bullshit…or are they?

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. “Quantum Leaps” are one of the coaching industry’s biggest marketing myths. I see it all over the place: “I made a quantum leap in my business”; “My income increased 300 percent overnight!”; “I went to one class and my life was radically different afterwards.” “I […]

Is Your (Internal) Government Shut Down?

Let’s cut to the chase, after all you’re probably a little tired of those little voices waxing moronic as they to waste time, deflect responsibility, and “keep you safe” in the spirit of your constitution (“I’m just made this way, I can’t do anything about it, it’s how I roll”). Here’s how to know if […]

How To Enroll Others In Your Vision

Enrolling others in your vision is what helps it to grow. Enrolling another person is a conversation about what’s possible, not about what’s wrong, or what happened in the past, or what could happen wrong in the future. It’s literally a conversation from one Inner Voice to another about passion, possibility, and expansion. When we […]