What is Love, Actually?

I am a healer. I always have been. It’s in my nature (and my design), I cannot help myself, I want to help, serve and support people – to love them. Perhaps you can relate? I know there are many healers out there reading this right now. Maybe that’s not what you do for your […]

Burn Out The Old And Bring In The New!

One of my favorite traditions is the Burning Bowl Ceremony. You can find one a the Unity church near you, but just in case you’re no where near a formal burning bowl celebration, and you don’t have a fireplace you can try the following at home. This is a “smokeless fire” (however when you burn […]

The #1 Regret Of The Dying

What do you think the #1 regret shared by the dying is? I wish I had a bigger house. (Nope.) I wish I had a faster car. (Not even close.) I would have liked to have had more money. (Um…No.) I wish I had bigger boobs, less wrinkles, and a butt that was so perky […]

How To Enroll Others In Your Vision

Enrolling others in your vision is what helps it to grow. Enrolling another person is a conversation about what’s possible, not about what’s wrong, or what happened in the past, or what could happen wrong in the future. It’s literally a conversation from one Inner Voice to another about passion, possibility, and expansion. When we […]

BE Love!

In today’s “article” I discuss the 5th aspect of the Inner Voice: Embodiment. Tying all the aspects together is embodiment. It’s fully surrendering, receiving, allowing, listening to, speaking from, acting from, choosing from, and enrolling others into your heart-felt vision, through BEING your Inner Voice. You know, one of the things I love best about […]