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Human Design

What is Human Design?

I explain it more in-depth in the recording below, but here is the abbreviated version…

Human Design is based on 4 ancient and esoteric systems and 2 scientific systems:

Astrology: We use your birthdate/time of birth/location of birth to create your chart.  Unlike most personality tests and temperament scales this is completely objective and shows both your conscious (personality) influences and your unconscious (design/genetic) influences.

I-Ching: There are 64 hexagrams (or chop marks) in the I-Ching, each with 6 lines.  Each hexagram has a certain vibration, life lesson, and characteristic, and each line within the hexagram also has a certain vibration and level of awareness. These 64 hexagrams relate to the 64 gates within the energy centers (see Chakras below) on the chart. They also relate to the 64 codons in the Human Genome – see genetics below.

Kabbalah: This ancient Hebrew system chronicles the journey of the soul through channels and pathways along the Tree of Life.  The channels and levels of initiation of the soul are similar to the channels between centers on the Human Design Chart.

Chakras: The yogic tradition (and other energy-based spiritual and medicinal traditions) have described, and more recently measured, energy centers throughout the auric field that relate to organs and systems in the physical body through which Prana or Chi flows.  The Centers in Human design relate to the Chakra centers as described in these ancient traditions.

Neutrinos: These invisible particles make up the mass of the universe-both seen and unseen.  At the time of your birth (and 3 months prior to your birth) these neutrinos imprinted your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic body and created the energetic blueprint for your soul’s journey in this lifetime in a physical body.

Genetics: There are 64 codons in the human genetic code.  These codons relate to the 64 gates in the Centers of the chart as well as the psycho-social genetic information passed on to you from your parents and ancestors to make up the unconscious aspects of your design.

All of these systems inform the chart where we look at 4 main keys to your design:

Type (Career Type): There are 5 Types in Human Design and they describe a person’s natural state of being and how they apply their energy in the world to interact with others and get things done.

Authority (Decision-Making Strategy)  This is how you are designed to make decisions.  There are 6 Authorities in Human Design, five of which have nothing to do with the mind, and one which only uses the mind to seek out resources and sounding boards to gain clarity through conversation – which is quite rare, yet how many of us do this! I also describe authority as how you are designed to listen to your Inner Voice and stop second-guessing yourself.

Profile (Public Role): There are 12 profiles in Human Design.  These describe both how you show up in the world and how others see you.  They also describe how you are in relationships (which is really helpful for your loved ones and friends!) and how you market yourself and your business.

Incarnation Cross (Life Work Theme): This gives us information about the overarching theme(s) in your life and can also be described as your purpose. When we look at your Incarnation Cross along with the other aspects of your design, the puzzle of who you are starts to come together in a clear and cohesive way.

There are many more layers of information in your Design more than I can share here. It is the Science of Differentiation or the science of how you are uniquely different from all other Humans on the planet – and what that means regarding your purpose, your relationships, your work, how you make money, and so much more. When you really get how unique you are, you’ll see how there is NO competition, and that your unique expression is a contribution to the whole – and is essential as well.

I’ve been studying and working with my Design for over 7 years now and there’s still so much I don’t know! That said, the more I learn about the science of Design through formal training*, the sharper my intuition is around design and working with my clients. 

BG5 (Base Group 5) is the career and business application of Human Design. The terms are slightly different (I added them in parentheses above) and the focus is more on career development, team & leadership development and executive coaching. In addition to the Career and Business certification, I also have a certification in Profit Potential Coaching based on a person’s Human Design – yes, there is a science to making money and it is in your Design! (As of this writing only 27 people in the world have this Profit Potential training, so it’s pretty darn unique!)


If you would like to hear me explain what’s involved in a Human Design/Career Design session and why it’s so relevant to life, relationships and business listen to this brief recording and look at the chart above as I explain what’s involved in a session.

Going even deeper into your chart in each gate and center, we can see what natural gifts and genius you possess, and the inherent challenges built into your design.

Most people feel as though they are uniquely flawed in some way (I call that the “uniquely f-’d up syndrome so rampant in our culture!).

No, there are no flaws in our design and no design is better, or worse, than any other design.

In fact, we are all designed perfectly to live and express our purpose as human beings.  That said, there are what I call “design challenges”, and when you learn what your inherent design challenges are, you have more power to choose differently and work with those challenges instead of judging yourself (or others!) harshly.

This is a deeply transformational process whereby you move from a lower vibrational state to a higher vibrational state and come into alignment with the highest expression of your design. It doesn’t take years of therapy, but it does start with knowing your authentic self and making changes that are uniquely relevant to YOU, not the population at large.

As a former therapist who shunned the world of labels and diagnoses many years ago, I really never found a personality system that worked for myself or for my clients.  While many have value, I felt they still were limiting and too general and didn’t map the unique detail of each person as much as I’d like.

When I was introduced to Human Design I quickly found a way of helping my clients truly understand that they are not flawed, that there is a rhyme and reason to how they roll in the world, and most importantly I found a way to help them understand not only how to better listen to their Inner Voice, but also how to recognize and discern between their Inner Voice and those little voices of fear, doubt, shame, guilt, anger, resentment, criticism & judgment without having to spend years on a therapy couch!  I LOVE THAT!

In my sessions I focus on working in two main areas: Work & Home. I show my clients how Human Design influences all areas of:

Speaking | Marketing | Leadership | Energy | Mindset | Money | Communication | Relationships

In order to explain how the different types live, work, and play most synergistically read BG5 Baseball, an article I wrote using the analogy of baseball and how the players use their decision-making strategy and natural energy flow to be most effective.

Check out my Blog for more articles about Human Design and living in alignment with your design as well….

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*If you are seeking a Human Design Consultant, I highly recommend going to one who has formal training. There are a lot of people out there claiming to be doing “intuitive Human Design” readings with no formal training. With the rapid spread of this powerful system there are people who are simply sharing inaccurate information. Trust yourself, if it feels off to you, find another consultant! And If I’m not a fit for you I’m happy to recommend some trusted analysts I’ve studied and worked with myself!

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