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Top 3 Questions to ask your Soul (and why you haven’t asked yet)

I recently posted on my FB page the following questions:


If you could ask your soul anything, what would you want to know?


If you hesitate asking your soul anything, why is that?



I wasn’t too surprised about the responses because when I look at the conversations with my clients, friends, colleagues, and study the literature, the responses were pretty common. What I was really intrigued by is WHY PEOPLE DON’T ASK the questions themselves.


I believe this is where the real transformation can, and has to, occur – whether we are talking about dialoguing with our soul, listening to our intuition, following a wellness plan with our health practitioner, trying to lose weight, taking action in our business, or changing the way we engage with our loved ones.


In energy psychology terms, we call this resistance a “psychological reversal.” These reversals are pretty easy to shift once we identify them, and very often once they are reversed we are able to go right ahead and take action on the thing WE KNOW we need to do, but just couldn’t seem to follow through on – it’s because our energy is now aligned with our true intent, and with the desires and intentions of our soul [who knows exactly what our healthy Divine blueprint is and our lessons we came here to learn – when we (our ego & fear) get out of the way].






Maybe it’s because I’m so damned familiar with my own resistance so I know the terrain well, and maybe it’s my clinical diagnostic background combined with my intuition, but rooting out psychological reversals and uncovering why people DON’T do what they want to, or know they need to, do is one of my superpowers…it’s something I don’t have to work at very hard, it just comes to me.


What is one of your superpowers? Do you know? (I bet your soul knows…it’s also in your Soul + Human Design) 😉


Alright, back to those top 3 questions and why you (likely) haven’t asked yet:


  • What is my purpose? Why am I here?
  • Can I trust my intuitive hits?
  • Anything I need to clear up/ learn in this lifetime that I’m missing?


Here are (some of) the reasons we are drawn to those questions and want to know, but don’t ask:


  • I don’t believe I can ask my soul anything and get a clear answer.
  • I don’t trust the answers I get (am I just making it up?)
  • I’m afraid to ask!


I think the biggest reasons for #3 are:

I’d have to look at things I don’t want to look at

I’d have to acknowledge that I’m not happy or tolerating something/someone

I’d have to take responsibility and make a change if I see it and…

I’m not sure I have what it takes to make those changes or that I even want to – I’m comfortable! (well, kind of comfortable…)


Now what? How can you go ahead and ask with all that resistance showing up? I’m going to be supporting you in this process & dialogue throughout 2017 – it’s what Scared2Sacred Leadership is all about! So watch for emails, FB live videos, and some experiential webinars in the coming months.

In the meantime…

Here are 3 suggestions:

  • Write down at least 10 ways in which you got an intuitive hit and followed it (or didn’t) and it was clear to you in hindsight
  • Say the following out loud while rubbing the tender spots just underneath either side of your collarbone (about where a man knots his tie): “Even though I’m scared to ask my soul a question because I’m not sure I can get a clear answer, I choose to love and accept myself and my resistance just as I am. Even though some part of me thinks I can’t trust the responses I get from my soul because it feels like I’m just making it up, I choose to love and accept all parts of me, even the scared ones. Even though I’m not sure I can trust the answers I get from my soul because I’ve never done this before and I’m not sure it will work, or that I can trust what I receive or how I receive the guidance, I choose to love and accept myself with all my faults and limitations. I choose to believe that I am able to connect with my soul and receive clear guidance and take action on that guidance when I am good and ready. I’m open to receiving that guidance today.” Take a deep breath and let it go… (repeat that as many times as you like and even switch up the wording if you need to! –This is how we deal with the psychological reversals I mentioned earlier).
  • Get yourself a beautiful journal and simply begin. Even if you’re scared, even if you think you’re making it up, even if you think it’s not even possible to get a straight answer from your soul. Write the following: What is my purpose? Why am I here? Don’t think about it too much, just write. Write whatever comes to mind. If nothing comes, then ask yourself : “if I did know the answer, what would it be?” Pretend you know. Make it up. Here’s why: you must be willing to engage in this dialogue more than once.

I wish I could tell you that it will come to you like a solemn decree “Dearest <firstname>, this is your soul speaking. Thou shalt do such and such, and so and so, and so it is.” Yeah, it doesn’t work that way.   It’s not like that – it’s much more casual & intimate. When you engage and simply ask you may get an answer right away, you may need to walk away and go do something mindless and suddenly an idea pops in or you may notice signs and conversations, songs, symbols, themes that keep repeating. All of these are legitimate guidance.


Finally, your soul’s essence is playful, I know this through all the readings and soul-dialoguing facilitation I’ve done over the past several years. If it feels heavy & serious and fearful, that is your ego trying to come in and take over – and we can deal with that. It’s normal and happens to all of us.


Finally, one last suggestion that truly makes all the difference in the world because you will have a clear map of how your soul speaks to you, how your mind & emotions try to derail you and also what your natural genius (or superpowers) are so that when your soul gives you information about your purpose, you’ll know it’s the truth, and you’ll know exactly how to use that guidance, where your challenges are, and how to move through those challenges with grace and ease.


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Happy Holidays!


From My Heart to Yours,




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