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Speak Like The Wind & Water

I was just out for a walk in the beautiful fall sunshine and thinking “What would the world be like if we humans could speak freely, as freely as the wind blows or the water flows?”

The wind and the water do not edit themselves, nor do they hold themselves back for fear of offending the trees or the mountains – or even us humans.  The wind and water make no apologies for their expression, nor do they judge the mountain or leaves as unable to ‘handle’ their truth, their force, or even their gentleness.

They simply express.

Indeed it is only us humans who take offense at the movements of the wind and water, especially when they are blowing hard or flowing fast.  And I’ve found that it is often those same humans who take offense at the wind and the water, who also take offense at the expression of others, more often than not – or who feel the need to express just as wildly, without any thought or consideration for how their words are received.

Yes, there is a balance to strike between what we want to express and how we do so, and yet, I have this sense that if we are balanced within, then it is already struck and the expression without is balanced inherently.

Said another way:

Freedom within creates freedom of expression (that sets us ALL free) without.

How do we strike that balance within?  We take care to notice the voices we are listening to and speaking from.  Are we listening to and speaking from the little voices of fear, resentment, shame, envy, anger, guilt creating and perpetuating tornados and whirlpools of emotion and drama?

Or our are we speaking from our Inner Voice?  The voice knows our Truth, our value, our purpose, and our gift to the world.  Our Inner Voice shares our Truth like a gentle breeze on a balmy afternoon and it cuts through the dirt and mildew of pettiness and small-minded thinking as a pressure washer on high.

When we dam the flow of our words, or shunt their energy elsewhere (either shoving it down inside or throwing it towards the people around us who are easiest to express to, but who have no say in the situation), we are not free.  The seeds of our genius and of healing and Divine expression often land on infertile soil, or lack the water necessary to grow…

How can you express as the wind and water do? Sometimes forcefully cutting through the obstacles of untruth, sometimes standing still and peaceful – simply reflecting Beauty and Love, and how would that transform your communication with others in your life?  I would love to know…

From My Heart to Yours,




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