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Slimy Conversations: When the icky feeling isn’t yours but something you “caught” from others

Today’s post is short because I did a quick interview with Debby Handrich of Life Mastery Radio*  about how we show up in our conversations really affects other people and our results.  As you listen to this brief recording-it’s about 20min long, notice where you feel a charge.  Are you typically the one “receiving” negative emotions, or passing them on?

I’ll tell you, I’ve done both (as we all have!).  I have had those conversations where I walked away wanting a shower.  I’ve also had those conversations that in hindsight didn’t go well because I wasn’t in alignment with what I was talking about, my mouth was saying one thing, but my energy (aka beliefs) were saying something totally different, and that gave me confusing results.

Ever have either of those conversations? 

This Saturday, at the Conversations That Connect & Create Intensive, we’ll be looking at these situations more closely, and explore the conversations in our head that lead us into these sorts of interactions, and how to change the results we are getting, by changing the voices in our head first.

There are still a couple openings if you’d like to join us!


Enjoy the recording and let me know what comes up for you when you listen in.  I’d love to know!

Here’s the recording:

From My Heart To Yours, 




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