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Podcast E5: Blending Your Design With a Business Partner

Welcome to episode 5 of the Living By Design Podcast! 

In this session we talk about partnerships! These lovely ladies live here in Bend and have co-created something super special called The Gather Experience.

This was a particularly fun interview/coaching session because we get to see a composite chart of this partnership and see not only what they offer through Gather, but how each of them can manage their energy in partnership – especially since they make decisions differently and move at different paces. So powerful! (…and yes, this is similar to our family relationships too!). You can find out more about them here:

Click the image below to watch the video so you can see their charts and be sure to grab a copy of your own chart so you can follow along!

Today I speak with Kelly and Jill from Gather, for our first composite chart in human design. This is going to be a unique episode, seeing how different people can resonate with our unique design!

Mentioned in the Episode:


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