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Pick A Horse And Ride It

Passionate Choices Lead To Potent Consequences*

I had an uneasy realization this past weekend.

I’ve been addicted to the Aha’s. The breakthroughs, the process, the dramatic realizations and discovery of personal truth. There’s nothing wrong with those things in general, in fact they are awesome and totally part of the journey. But I found myself getting distracted by those big insights, and avoiding making a choice.

I didn’t want to choose because I was afraid.

I was afraid I’d choose the “wrong” thing to do. I had a lot of evidence in my life that when I chose something that was in alignment with my Inner Voice and inner truth, that the consequences were both huge and unpleasant (at least with regards to what others thought). Everything actually always ended up fine, better than fine in fact-but I couldn’t see that. I only saw the loss (of love, of relationships) that happened when I made a choice, not the gain.

This failure to choose is really at the core of failure to launch. It’s a large part of the pattern I saw not only in myself over the years but in most of my clients as well. You may choose not to choose for all kinds of reasons, but ultimately this abdication of your birthright, choice, is what keeps your veil of separation from Truth intact.

The power to choose. It’s what sets humans apart from other animals, and yet we don’t exercise this power nearly enough. Most folks have only barely scratched the surface of what it means to choose.

To be at choice in your life means that you receive everything and then choose what you want to keep and what you want to release, and you do it consciously, based on what’s in alignment with your heart & soul. Then you accept and receive the consequences of your choice, no matter what, with peace in your heart and the knowledge you can choose again, if you want to…

What choice are you waffling on? Are you trying to ride more than one horse at a time? (i.e, trying to do too much, have more than one business, or trying to be all things to all people). Are you unwilling to commit, and make your decision the “right” one, (even if you screw it up)? Or are you willing to listen to your own inner knowing and pick your purpose and ride that steed until you’re both done?

I made some big choices this past weekend at my coaching circle retreat. Choices I’ve been avoiding for months. I’ve had no problem helping others make those choices, but didn’t want to commit myself. After all that choosing, my coach had us do a little experiment. We had to create a “booth” (like at a trade show) and “sell” our offering. We had about 2 hours to create a message and an offering to go with it.

Here’s mine:


Here’s what I got that led to this message:

Sometimes the most powerful choice you will ever make is not between this or that option, but to choose the path you are on- with your whole heart & soul.

The offering I created is a Saddle Up Soul Session. It’s all about making choices that are in alignment with you and your purpose, and following through with them. It could be in business, relationships, major life decisions, even around choosing success at a subconscious level! It may be choosing a lifestyle, or your partner, or to choosing to believe in your worth and value.

No matter what you are avoiding choosing, I do know this: when you consciously make a choice, when you pick that horse and ride it, you’ll have exactly what you need to make it fly.


*From the book Pistoulet



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