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Messy Mom Monday – September 28 2015

‪#‎MessyMomMonday I refereed my daughter’s game with PMS this weekend.

MessyParentingNeed I say more?

I will anyway. Good Lord I don’t think in all the years of having my period I’ve ever experienced such pure moodiness and raw irritation as I did Saturday.

I’m sorry family.  🙁

Here was my prayer and meditation before I went out on the field armed with a whistle and plenty of Rescue Remedy™ in my water bottle:

First, I got grounded. (If you want the 5 minute very powerful practice I do, contact me, I’ll send it to you). Felt much better.

Second, I did some mind and energy clearing and had the awareness that just because I was feeling cranky didn’t mean I actually had to embody it or “own” it in the almost entitled way that I typically have done in the past which would sound something like this in my head: “I’m PMS’ing and I have no control over it, so stay out of my way and no, I’m not sorry. Piss off.”

(I could still feel the crankiness, but I had more humor and lightness about it than I did in the past.)

I know that my energy affects other people’s energy (and vice-versa). So, my prayer and intention before I stepped on the field was this: “Please help me to be a positive contribution to these kids and the game.”

This really helped me stay focused and grounded when I could feel myself wanting to drift into “poor me, I’m OFF today…”

I had a couple moments where I could feel myself wanting to just blow the whistle on myself and my own internal bitchiness, but overall I felt pretty good about how I managed myself, it certainly could have been messier.

It got me thinking about other times when I’ve just succumbed to the bitchiness because I believed “this is just how it is…”

Is it? Really?

Hmm. I also noticed that I was more mindful that day about my energy, thoughts, and actions and their effect on others (when in the past I would stay in my own little world).

It was my Messy Mindfulness Practice.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you didn’t act the way you felt, simply because it was a habit to act that way, but instead intentionally created a new experience for yourself just because you can?

It’s not always pretty (believe me!) but it does seem to work…


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