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Is Your (Internal) Government Shut Down?

Let’s cut to the chase, after all you’re probably a little tired of those little voices waxing moronic as they to waste time, deflect responsibility, and “keep you safe” in the spirit of your constitution (“I’m just made this way, I can’t do anything about it, it’s how I roll”).

Here’s how to know if your internal government is in the middle of a filibuster and what you can do about it:

1) There’s a lot of “logic” and “reason”, I mean the totally rational kind, that is being bandied about – all in the name of self-preservation (aka: fear). You have a laundry list going of all the reasons why you can’t get things done, or make those calls, or finish that darn book (ahem). In fact, the laundry itself may be on the top of that list! [I know, I get it. We moved to a new place about six weeks ago, nearly all the major appliances in our house broke within two weeks of moving in. There are boxes to un- pack, kids to get to school and food to be prepared, among other household tasks to keep life humming along.]

Life is full of perfectly reasonable things that need to be taken care of, but you need to be taken care of too, and so does your business.

The tip: don’t let logic and rationalizing wheedle their way into the conversation about what needs to get done. Why? Because this is when you are most susceptible to getting carried away by shoulds, and other ‘oulds that really serve to distract you from keeping going.

Ever notice how all hell seems to break loose when you begin to move in the direction of your desires or the greater good for yourself and others? Do what needs
to be done, clean up messes, practice self-care and trust the voice of your heart above all as you move in alignment with it.

2) Everything comes to a screeching halt. Oops! Too late. You passed the stroke of midnight and everything shut-down.

First- do not panic.

Second- sleep in that first day (if you can).

Yeah-I know, I just said in #1 above to keep moving, now I’m saying sleep on it.

What?! Look, experience has told me enough times, if you’ve gotten to a place of total shut-down then something needs to shift and forcing it doesn’t typically work (those little voices get more obnoxious, defensive, and ridiculous). It’s time to clean house (and senate!) and fire (ok, ok, heal) the monkey-minds that created the shut- down in the first place.

The tip: Use this shut-down time to re-assess. What’s working? What isn’t? What activities need to be vetoed (even if they seemed like great ideas in the beginning) because they are no longer bringing you joy, vitality, or energy? What people need to be released because energetically, they are draining the coffers and you’ve been allowing them to waste your precious time and energy? What are the things that you want so badly, that call to you, that you desire deeply but told yourself in a rational, logical moment “it can’t be done” or “for others maybe, but not me.”

Lean in, lean back, I don’t care which way you lean, just allow yourself some space to reassess, recalibrate, release, and rebuild – on your own terms.

3) You start to grow a beard. I heard on the radio that there is a new trend among men who are on furlough from the Federal Government: they are growing beards because they don’t have any meetings or work to attend, thus no need to clean up and look presentable. (Not that a beard isn’t presentable, my husband is sporting one right now and he looks hot, it’s the “why bother” energy behind the beard I’m talking about). Now, most of you reading this are women, so I’m guessing a beard isn’t what you’re sporting, but it could be no make-up, an over-due haircut, or wearing sweatpants all the time and avoiding dressing nice even if you have ‘nowhere to go’. Maybe it’s eating junk food to comfort yourself, whatever your “slacker tendency” is, notice it and do the opposite.

The tip: Use this time to move your body, pick a hobby, try a different hairstyle, join a new networking group, get together with people you’ve been meaning to connect with for months.

Keep moving: your next steps will reveal themselves to you and you want to be ready, and look and feel good, when they do.

Everything is energy, it is constantly moving – even when “shut down”. You can slow down the movement as in #2 above, but never stop moving altogether – it is against your nature, and the flow of the Universe itself.

And please, if you’re going to make a case why you can’t do something because it’s against your constitution, at least be clear what your constitution really says* and live true to that-not the made up stories you bought into to toe the party line.

From My Heart to Yours,

* You can discover your ‘constitution’ in an Inner Authority Alignment Session



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