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Develop Focus Like A Black Hole

blackholeWe just finished our last phone session of the Lead By Design course on Monday and one of the participants had a great question/observation. Before I share what it is, let me give you more context. (You can find this information in my book, Life Well Spoken by the way!)

We were studying the Aligndset™ Map, looking at the 5 Key Elements of mindset. Each week during the course we looked at one of these Key Elements and my clients applied it to their own lives, leadership, and their individual Human Design.

While all of these elements is inextricably linked, I tease these key elements apart in my teaching so people can really get a sense of how they are intertwined, but also so one can see that if you focus on any one of these elements, the others will follow suit and come into alignment as well. Like most simple and powerful teachings there is a “catch”, and that’s what I want to share with you today.

key-elements-mindsetThe gist of the observation/question my client stated went something like this:

“I want to try to focus on all of the elements at once. I feel like I’ll move faster, and get more out of it if I try to focus on all five elements, but one always seems to fall to the side when I do that. What should I do?”

I explained that really, it can be very challenging (and frankly not effective) to try to focus on all of the elements at once. It’s too much and you’ll burn out before you even get started! I am a recovering perfectionist, and yes I tend to attract some card-carrying perfectionists as well). For us, being told to do one thing at a time is incredibly frustrating and sort of a challenge as well. (You perfectionists hear me-right?) 🙂

Here’s the thing: When you focus on one of the elements and you apply the secret sauce of PRESENCE as you do it, the other elements cannot help but align as well. It’s like a black hole. The gravitational pull of a black hole is so dense and so powerful that everything in it’s “event horizon” (the seemingly ‘flat’ area near the center of a black hole) gets pulled into it.

If you are like me, you may have imagined black holes as being these infinitely enormous gaping holes in space. In actuality, they are so dense and so powerfully focused that their gravitational pull is called a “point of singularity” and it is smaller than the point of a pencil.


That’s some powerful gravitational pull!

gravitational-pullWhat that means for us, whether we are trying to change our mindset, or attract new clients, opportunities, money, etc is that when we stay focused and stop trying to chase the bright shiny objects all around us we actually draw them to us.

When we stop trying to “fix” ourselves (or our business/health/finances/etc) and address a whole bunch of things at once we actually become much more powerful and effective.

Try this: pick an element (body, mind, emotions, spirit, energy) on your Aligndset™ Map, be fully present with that element and notice how the other elements are all affected by that one element.  What do you need to tweak in order for all the elements to come into alignment?

For instance, say you want to change your financial situation.  If you’re working on the physical/body element notice how your thinking is affected by what, where, how you work; notice how you emotionally feel about your workplace and/or how you’re feeling about your clients/customers.  Notice if you feel more connected spiritually in your work environment, or if you feel cut-off from Source.  Finally-what’s the vibrational energy of your workspace and how does it feed or drain your energy?  Money is energy after all, and when you get present and change your physical environment (either literally or figuratively) your finances will follow suit.

I realize this sounds way too simplistic, but if you are truly present to each of the elements, and you are willing to tweak things along the way, or make radical changes where needed, I think you’ll find that what you seek, is seeking you as it’s pulled into your powerful event horizon! 🙂

From My Heart to Yours,



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