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Arianna Huffington Speaks on Leadership

Today, I am letting Arianna Huffington (of the Huffington Post) explain what’s most important in life, leadership and success. I’ve attached the article by Ekaterina Walter and her interview with Arianna in full below, but here are three of her eight nuggets with my own comments 🙂

“We need space to innovate, think, and strategize. “ ‘Restore connection’ is not just for devices,” says Huffington. “It is for people too. If we cannot disconnect, we cannot lead.” Leaders like Jobs and Gates were known to go away for extended periods of time to reconnect with themselves, their vision, and their ideas. Leaders need to find that place of wisdom, strength, and real connection (with themselves and others) and they need to lead from that place. Only from that place they can truly create miracles and change the world.”

You’ve got to unplug in order to plug into
what’s really important and true for you.

“Intuition is underrated. “If you are not in touch with your intuition, you cannot be successful,” says Huffington. Data is great. But sometimes, even when you have all the data in the world, if you don’t follow your gut, you won’t discover the true potential and be able to recognize critical opportunities.”

Everyone connects with their intuition a little differently.
Learning to discern between an emotional reaction and your gut is imperative.

“Your energy and your time are [scarce] resources, learn to prioritize and learn to let go. To be able to fully move on, you need to complete your projects. And sometimes you can complete a project by dropping it.”

Getting clear what is in alignment with your purpose and values (i.e., your Inner Voice) is one powerful way to prioritize projects, people, purchases, and playtime.

I designed my Vision Quest Retreats to address these lessons and much more.

Check out the retreats. The fall is a perfect time to review the year, plan for the rest of 2013 and beyond and get a head (and heart!) start on being the kind of leader who leads from within-and defines her own success.

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