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10,000 Monks Chanting Om

soul sparkles#‎MessyMomMonday The sound of 10,000 monks chanting OM.
Last year I had a dream. In it I witnessed a child riding a bike get hit by a car. As I watched, a woman approached the child and stood over the body, then she knelt and I had the sense she was no ordinary woman, but an angelic being and as soon as I had this thought she looked at me and our eyes met, she knew I was watching and her look said: “Pay attention.” As horrific as this scene could have been, I felt peace.

A moment later, 2 things happened simultaneously: I saw the spirit of this child leave it’s physical body and a cluster of sparkling stars (similar to the look of sunlight dancing on the water on a lake in the middle of summer) rose and moved away over the trees. The image above is as close as I could get to the scene I saw. As the sparkling soul cluster rose I heard, and felt reverberating through my body, the sound of 10,000 monks chanting OM.

I gasped sharply at the sheer beauty and sacredness of this moment. I kept saying “Oh! Oh! Oh!” in my dream because it was so crushingly beautiful. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to bear witness to this transition.

I wondered all these months, “is what I saw really what happens when a person dies?” I didn’t know whom to ask, despite reading countless stories of near-death experiences, I hadn’t found a person who said it just like that….
Then over the holiday break I re-read Siddartha by Herman Hesse (it had been 20+ years since I read it the first time) and he describes the sound of the river and of life as 10,000 monks chanting OM. (Blown away!) But true confirmation came last week when I met a gifted healer and man who has died 3 times, and he confirmed that the first time he died at age 14, he heard the sound of thousands of monks chanting OM. He had never heard anyone else describe it that way either…we smiled at each other in recognition.

So, “where’s the mess in all this?” you may be wondering…the mess is what we get ourselves into when we forget that all the rules and constructs, the conclusions and confines of relationships – of who we truly are, of who others are to us, are all, frankly, B.S.

When you hug your child, your lover, your parent, your friend, when you see a stranger on the street, when you look in the mirror, remember this:

Your soul sparkles freely like sunlight on water no matter how sad, tired, mean, hopeless, or depressed you may be feeling. And each of us, every last one of us, sound like thousands of monks chanting OM.

Let go of the need to control, to be right, to know how it will all turn out. Grieve your losses and celebrate the sparkles you got to play with in this lifetime. They are still around you. Look for them. Listen for them.

They sound like OM.


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