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I am thrilled to welcome you as a Sacral Warrior – after you’ve completed the following videos, consider yourself one of us.

I originally delivered this Activation series over 9 days, but if you’re like me, you like to binge-watch them all at once and go back and re-watch the ones that really hit home!

Or perhaps you’d like to recreate the 9-Day experience and watch one a day and really contemplate what I share.

Either way, you get to choose your own adventure here…

Energy Valve Activations

Energy Valve 1: Gate 3

Energy Valve 2: Gate 14

Energy Valve 3: Gate 27

Energy Valve 4: Gate 59

Energy Valve 5: Gate 9

Energy Valve 6: Gate 5

Energy Valve 8: Gate 29

What other Sacral Warriors have to say about the Builder Revolution...

Your Majesty...

This is the podcast episode I mentioned in the 9th Energy Valve video.

Your Majesty: What I learned about Gate 34 watching The Crown on Netflix


Integrate your Sacral Activations further

Kris, if you’ve come this far and you’re curious about what your next steps are – check out the options I have created for you to go deeper into your Sacral Warrior journey…

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