Life & Business Coaching by Design: What’s your unique genius? Let’s find out… 

If only you had some sort of decree, you know, like Moses and the 10 Commandments or something, that told you:

Thou shalt…

  • Fulfill thy purpose in this way (your WHY you do what you do)
  • Work with these sorts of people providing these solutions (your WHO & WHAT you offer them)
  • Use your gifts and talents in these capacities (WHAT you offer & HOW you do it like no one else)
  • Find your ideal clients here (WHERE are they and how will they best hear you?)
  • Follow thy own internal guidance along the path is this way (WHEN to take action and how to create aligned goals & targets)
  • Navigate challenges & fears using this awareness (your inherent SHADOWS & DISTRACTIONS)

…and to have the same level of clarity, confidence & conviction Moses had. The dude parted a sea for crying out loud!

How many programs have you purchased seeking this Holy Grail? (Sorry, I can’t seem to get off the Biblical references).

How many times have you felt like you got “it”, but then you lost confidence, compared yourself to others, got distracted and maybe even quit? 

What if you could have confirmation that the idea you’ve been wanting to share, or the offering you feel called to contribute to the World is in fact, legit? (Furthermore, what if it’s not only legit, but you are designed PERFECTLY to offer it?)

There wouldn’t be any more excuses would there? (But we can handle those too, because they are just fears and your ego + mind getting in the way – and those are built into your Design Blueprint as well – in fact they are part of your genius & gifts…).

What if I told you that all of the above, those “Commandments” of business & marketing (WHO, WHAT, WHY, WHERE, WHEN, & HOW) are literally written into your unique Human Design? 

They are.

I can see them. I can translate them into a practical, grounded, and immediately implementable format for you.

Just like Moses got. (Except I don’t chisel them into stone – takes too long and the shipping rates are horrendous.)

Let’s talk about what you’re creating. Let’s talk about where you’re getting stuck. I want to get to know you a little better to understand exactly what you need, and how you would best receive – and get the most out of – your unique Profit Potential Design Blueprint.

Schedule a time to talk with me.

No more wandering in the desert for years looking for some sign of what you’re supposed to do with your life and how you’re supposed to make a living doing what you love and feel called to do.

Here it is.

Many of my clients tell me their Design didn’t make sense and they couldn’t use the information they read or heard from another Design analyst until they had me synthesize it for them.

“Kris has an amazing knowledge of Human Design and has the uncanny ability to help me apply what I learned about myself in the chart to running my business. Just one insight alone has allowed me to trust myself and feel more confident when working with my clients. The information has helped me better my sales conversations in an authentic way and tweak some things in my business so they are more in alignment with where I am going.

I recommend Kris and Human Design sessions for anyone ready to make more in their business and live life on purpose.”

Kelly Robbins, MA

Bring the questions you have about your Design as it relates to:

  • work
  • business
  • relationships
  • parenting
  • purpose
  • making money

…and whatever else you can dream up!

You’ll receive practical guidance and suggestions for being more aligned with your Design that you can implement right away.

I LOVE these sessions because this is where my own Design and all my gifts really shine. I want you to have that same awareness and sense of what your gifts are and to love your unique Design as much as I love mine!

A few things to note:

  • All sessions are recorded so you can listen over and over again. (I had one client tell me she listened to her session 6 times and she got something new each time!)
  • This is a great package even if you’re already working with another coach or in another program and you’re struggling because what you’re being told to do just doesn’t seem to fit. That’s what Kate Marolt experienced (her quote is below), and we nipped that in the bud in 30 minutes. She was able to finish out her coaching program and apply what she was learning there to her own unique energy and design – and experience success right away. Boom!

“Working with Kris is a game changer. After just one 30 minute call I made a couple of tweaks to my marketing and connection strategies that were more in alignment with my design and, not only did business suddenly become fun and inspiring again, I also started discovering and signing clients with ease. Based on one simple shift we talked about, I made more money in one week than I had over the past two months!”

Kate Marolt 

Got your list of questions yet? Maybe you’re wondering:

  • Why you can’t seem to “get over” that situation even though you’ve tried ALL kinds of clearing and tapping and every other kind of energetic tool known to mankind. (Hint: you can’t “fix” your Design – it, and you, ain’t broken).
  • Why those same patterns keep coming up with a certain someone, and it only seems to happen with them! (WTF? No, you’re not crazy.)
  • What exactly is your purpose and how do you trust it? (Secret revealed: Your purpose is to live in alignment with the gifts inherent in your Design. Your Design does you, but only 100% of the time.  If you’re struggling it’s because you’re aligned with the shadows and challenges of your Design, not the gifts.)
  • Is the idea you’ve been kicking around for a business or way to make a bigger impact in the world really worth exploring? (Yes, it’s in your Design. I’ll help you get clarity.)
“If you haven’t worked 1:1 with Kris Prochaska yet, what are you waiting for?!
If you’re like me, you’re probably scrappy and super proud of your ability to figure shit out. Honestly, this is a type of superpower in my opinion 💪🏻
Plus you’re a sacral warrior who is all-in on learning and mastering all the content in the awesome programs that Kris has created.
But let me tell you, none of this compares to working with Kris directly. Not. Even. Close.
It’s the difference between paying for the extra legroom on Spirit Air and flying on a Private Learjet where the focus is on your experience and satisfaction.
When my logic and emotions drown out the sound of my sacral’s wisdom, she asks all the right questions to make sure I know the difference between a “hell yes” and “not now”.
Simple truths [Kris has shown me] about my design have changed EVERYTHING in my business.
It’s all right there in my chart. But I’m too close to see it.
I’m sure I would have figured all this out eventually. But now I don’t have to. And neither do you.
So let me ask you this:
Do you want to work 1:1 with Kris?
Let your Strategy & Authority guide you.
If it’s an uh-huh, hop on a call with her. Keep listening to your sacral.
Then enjoy the relief in knowing you will never wonder if you made the right choice, because when you understand yourself at this deep level, you always will.”
Danielle Napolio-Cox


I can’t wait to share your brilliant Design with you and show you how you’re designed to make money!

From My Heart to Yours,


I decided to do a Human Design session with Kris for myself and my business because I was struggling with some aspects of my marketing-I can do so many things with my expertise, I was having a hard time choosing! I also felt confused about which strategies to focus on as some marketing techniques I learned never seemed to work well for me – now I know why: As a Projector, I need to wait to be invited and acknowledged first. Kris showed me exactly how I can do that by focusing on what I know best, and what I am most passionate about.

The Intuitive Business session with Kris validated the mission of Beyond Your Grief as an educational health care company that teaches Mindful Grieving and Intentional Mourning to Suicide Survivors and the professionals who serve them. With this focus, I’m not only claiming my expertise as a professional and educator, but as someone who is intimately familiar with being a survivor of multiple suicides in my family. Kris clarified the need to provide CEU’s to grow my reach and impact and gave me specific strategies to improve my efficiency and thus, the bottom line. What a great way to prepare for the new year!

~Georgena Eggleston

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