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Human Design Analysis & Coaching for Leaders, Partnerships, & Teams

As a conscious entrepreneur, CEO, manager, or team leader, you are looking for a way to share your gifts & genius in a way that inspires others vs. intimidates them. You want to be a positive force of change in the world through your business.

Perhaps you are surrounded by people who support you in this vision, perhaps not. Either way, you may sometimes find yourself falling into old patterns or being influenced by others around you in ways that feel inauthentic to you and cumbersome.

You may also feel called to forge your own path and you have no role model to follow. This can be scary and confusing. Can you trust this Inner calling? Are you making it up? Would it be better to just do what others did since it’s been proven to work?

When you Align with your natural Design, you’ll know how YOU best work, lead, and trust your intuition, and that is how you truly Be the change you wish to see in your life & the lives of others.

As head of HR or or an organization, you are seeking ways to help your employees feel valued and engaged – it’s essential to the life of your company because employee retention is the biggest issue all companies face, no matter the size. It impacts productivity and profitability because every time you have turnover, it costs you time, money, and energy to get back in the flow and running at full speed again.

Human Design can help you develop your leaders and choose ideal employees. It is a comprehensive tool to help everyone feel valued, respected, and that their contribution matters so they want to give you their best vs. leave because they are not a good fit or are unhappy.

You’ve likely invested a lot of time, money and energy in employee retention and engagement, and if you haven’t been seeing the kinds of results you’d expected or hoped for, prepare to have your hair blown back by the accuracy, validity, and practicality that Human Design offers.

If you’re curious how Human Design compares to other standardized tests commonly used in employee hiring and leadership/team development, especially with regards to employee retention, check out this video:

Still not sure if this program is right for you?

You read this far, so SOMETHING is calling you – it might be your sacral, could be fear of missing out.

Let’s find out, shall we?

This is NOT a high pressured sales pitch. This is a chance for you and I to connect and dig a little deeper into your alignment to help you make the decision that is best for you based on YOUR DESIGN & intentions. I will coach you to make a decision that you can trust, that’s aligned for you, and that you feel awesome about!

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