Are you leading your life & conversations from your scared little voices or from your sacred Inner Voice?

You have a natural genius.  It is, in part,  your Inner Voice that speaks to you through your intuition. It’s also your divine design at both the soul level, and in this human form. It is sacred. It’s such a deep part of you, and how you show up in the world – it’s likely you don’t even know what it is (it can be hard to see what’s right under your nose!)

It’s the essence of you and you are sharing it all the time, whether you know it or not.  We communicate energetically first & foremost – and even those folks who don’t describe themselves as intuitive, empathic, or even sensitive, can pick up on energy and vibration: it’s completely natural to us as human beings! Some of us are more sensitive and highly attuned to energy and the emotions of others, but we are all aware of this subtle communication at some level. 

The very best, and inherently sacred, parts of ourselves (our genius) tend to be covered up by all the time we spend focusing on our “flaws” (I call these ‘design challenges’ and the scared little voices). When you are clear about your genius and you stop trying to fix the perceived ‘flaws’ (in yourself and in others you love) the whole conversation in your head, and with others in the world, changes.  You move from a scared, lower vibrational state into your higher vibrational, sacred state of Truth & expression. You move from #scared2sacred.

My work is not about focusing on what’s “wrong” with you, but instead showing you your natural genius, your true sacred self, and how to live in alignment with that truth, vs. aligning with the scared, challenging parts of yourself that are not who you truly are, but are what you energetically learned to be in order to look good, stay safe, and fit in with others.

How can you tell if you are leading your life, work, and relationships from your scared false self vs. your True sacred genius?

It’s pretty simple: One feels constrictive, small, limited, and hopeless. The other: expansive, joyful, connected, limitless and peaceful.


Your natural genius, or sacred blueprint, influences all aspects of your life, work, & relationships.


AT WORK: Design your business to be in alignment with your own personal blueprint and energetic signature. This means creating a business that most authentically allows you to share your gifts (and allows your colleagues and team members to do the same as well!) People will naturally be drawn to you and want to work with you because it makes sense to them energetically. Whether they are consciously aware of it or not, your clients and customers, colleagues, and vendors are sensing your vibration.

What are you communicating?


IN RELATIONSHIP: Honor your own design and the individual designs of your team and watch how communication transforms. So many of our arguments, misinterpretations, annoyances, and frustration in relationships stem from having different energy patterns from those around us. Understand how your energy flows and how you affect, and are affected by, others and you hold the key to clear boundaries, calmer emotions, authentic, honest communication, and positive self-esteem for everyone.

This is especially powerful for those of us who are highly sensitive, empathic, intuitive, and who work with others who are too.

Check out the free tools, resources, and trainings I’ve created for you below to help you move from scared to sacred and lead yourself and others from the highest vibrational state you can.

Human Design

What is Human Design?

Human Design is based on 4 ancient and esoteric systems and 2 scientific systems. Human Design is my favorite tool for helping people understand themselves in a deeper, more authentic, and intuitive way – and how to practically apply this knowledge in your day-to-day life and business.

I explain this more in-depth on the page below!

Inner Voice Reboot

Everything is energy and we communicate energetically first & foremost. Shift your energy and you will transform the world around you – watch and see for yourself!

It’s simple and very powerful.

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Scared2Sacred Podcast

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