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Your Purpose is B.L.


Difficult people and situations are opportunities for you to live your purpose.

What is that purpose?


To Be Love.

To show Love.


(Especially when love is the last thing you’re feeling or feel like giving.)

How will you live this purpose? Luckily, 😉  there will be plenty of opportunity to practice because…

When the sh*t hits the fan: You get to practice your purpose.

Can you, in the face of challenges, difficulties, f-ups, a-holes and bad choices (yours & others) still Be Love?

Can you love yourself? Can you love them?

Can you hold your tongue, be open, judge not, fear not, repress not? Can you breathe in fear & disgust and breathe out love?

That is your purpose.

Your design, your blueprint, will show you where & how you can do this with ease, and where/how you will be challenged.

Can you bring love no matter what?

Can you love them all, no matter what, even as you set the boundaries?

Most people, and especially kids, make bad choices and hurt themselves and others because they are seeking Love.

Punishing them by withholding Love does not change their behavior (in the long term). It creates more need for Love, and thus more elaborate and f’d-up ways of trying to get it.

When you know how you’re designed to live your purpose (and what gets in your way) you are armed with the answer to the question: “Why am I here and what am I supposed to do with my life?” You’ll know the “HOW” to live your purpose (because you already know the “WHAT”.

We have but one simple purpose. Each of us. To Love.


End of story.

How you are Love: express it, flow it, share it, Be it is unique to you – but it is the core essence for all of us.

Being judgmental, scared, resentful, righteous – that’s EASY.
Anyone can do that! It’s not purposeful; it’s busy work.
Get over yourself.

Be Loving.

That will get your shit real, real quick. Being Love will will show you the meaning of life and all the challenges in it. That will help you understand why people do the things they do that seem on the surface so totally unloving. That will bring forth compassion and right action.

That will heal.

Be Love.

Your purpose is simple. Living it? That’s the challenge. That’s what we really struggle with…each of us.

Next time you wonder what your purpose is, remember these two things:

  1. Your purpose is to Be Love.
  2. Ask how you can show Love, to yourself and others, no matter what is going on. Then do what your heart & soul call you to do. Even if everyone else is reacting with fear and telling you this is “reality” and you’re crazy for talking about Love.

Who can argue with Love?

Only someone who has forgotten his or her purpose.

From My Heart to Yours,


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