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Your God-Given Ability: Are You Using It?

In today’s “article” I discuss the 4th aspect of the Inner Voice: Choice. I got positive response from last week’s video so decided to do it again this week. I’ll share with you a personal story about how choosing to align with your Inner Voice can clear up an “ego fencing” battle with someone you care about. It comes from making a simple choice, find out what that is in the video!

I’d love to hear from you about what you see for your own relationships and how you can begin to consciously choose from watching this video. Just hit reply and send me a note!

Don’t have time to watch a video? Read a short article here:

Every conversation starts from within. All miscommunication is a result of not understanding which voice you are speaking from, or through being triggered by the voices from which others are speaking. In other words, when you are listening to the little voices in your head, the voices of fear, doubt, shame, guilt, judgment, and criticism, you will speak from their perspective. And more likely than not (because most people are not aware of how this dynamic works, and that they have a choice in the matter), you will trigger the person you are speaking with to listen and speak from the little voices in their head too! It creates a vicious circle of negative influence.

Unless you stop the cycle.

Ultimately, its a choice. But if you are not able to be present, aware, and discerning, you will very likely be triggered into what my husband, Mike, calls “ego fencing”.

When you are speaking and acting from the little voices you get into ‘ego fencing’ with others.

When you are aware of your feelings, and clear about your intentions, and those intentions are coming from your high heart or your Inner Voice, then you’ll get much more loving results…and instead of saying “On Guarde!” you’ll be saying, “Let’s touche and make up.”  🙂

It’s all a choice.

Every moment.

Every time.

Next week I’m going to share with you my Aligndset™ Map, which is how I choose to embody my Inner Voice. It keeps me on track when the little voices come in and try to distract me.




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