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You don’t lack Emotional Intelligence – you lack awareness of how you’re EQ works!

I just read Dr. Travis Bradberry’s article “Eleven Signs That You Lack Emotional Intelligence” and I have a few issues with this article…starting with the title.

It’s NOT that you LACK Emotional Intelligence, you just don’t know how to USE your Emotional Intelligence.

First of all, I don’t believe people “lack” emotional intelligence (EQ). I think what they lack is understanding of how they are uniquely designed to process emotions and how their particular EQ is designed to function.

If you understand how your Emotional Intelligence functions, then you’ll know what skills you’re uniquely called to develop in order to communicate better and be successful in life & business.

I had so much to say, I just recorded it instead of writing.

I think you’ll find it insightful!

So you can follow along, get a free copy of your Human Design chart here:

The image below shows an Undefined Emotional Intelligence Function in the shaded circle. A Defined Emotional Intelligence Function would be colored in (a goldish-brown color).

Listen to my reply to Dr. Bradberry’s article here:


Instead of feeling like there’s something wrong with you, or that you’re lacking EQ, I think you’ll find what I have to say empowering & enlightening…


From My Heart & Soul to Yours,



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