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What’s Your 2014 GAP?

In coaching we often speak of the “gap” – that place (in the middle!) between where a person currently is and where they want to go. The gap is often an uncomfortable place because there are no instructions or roadmap to get out on your own, and it feels like one obstacle after another.

Most people get stuck in the gap. They tell themselves it’s not so bad there. They soothe themselves with creature comforts and the company of others who are in the gap, and who really have no intention nor desire to see what’s possible if they follow their dreams and goals.

Many people I speak with are waking up to the fact that there is a gap, and while they are scared because they don’t know what their life would look like on the other side; and they don’t like to think about what they’d have to give up to close the gap between where they are and their true desires, they are willing to take a leap and make a GAP.

A what?

A GAP: Game Altering Play.

(I love double entendres, don’t you?)

I’ve been watching more football recently (seeing as how the my 9y.o. son is totally obsessed with sports, and one of our favorite teams, the Seahawks, are going to the Superbowl in just a few days). That’s where I heard about GAP plays, Game Altering Plays, that just turn the whole game around in an instant.

Oh how I live for GAP’s. Ones that I make in my own life and business, and ones my clients make as well.

What’s needed for a Game Altering Play?
  • Desire. A deep want and hunger for something different. A deep want or desire to fight for what you WANT, instead of pushing back against what you DON’T want. Get clarity: what do you want to feel and experience in 2014?
  • Play Full Out. No more excuses. It’s game time. Leave it all on the field. Folks-this is LIFE. Your life. Have the courage to throw a hail Mary.
  • Decide then DO. Make a decision. Make it right and put your whole body, mind and spirit into it. Do not second-guess or waffle, the game clock is ticking. You have both all the time you need, and not a second to spare. Conviction comes through action. Sitting on the sidelines and planning all your moves can help you feel safe, but playing full out is rarely “safe.”

What is the Game Altering Play that you will make in 2014? Will you hire a coach to help you out of the gap-that middle place that’s as safe and cozy as an armchair with a big screen TV in front of it? The gap where you can yell at others and tell them what to do with their life while you sit on the sidelines…OR will you suit up and bring it?

Will you risk looking bad, fumbling the ball, or even making the biggest play of your life with no guarantees of a touchdown?

Welcome to your GAP. It’s game time.
Go team!

From My Heart to Yours,


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