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What Is Your New Year’s Revolution?

Resolutions seem so tired, worn-out. Over-used and under-fulfilled.

Sometimes what is needed is a full-blown REVOLUTION*.

Here are some ideas for you to consider in your own personal revolution:

  1. Stop doing everything that you hate doing. Especially the things you feel obligated to do. Here’s a radical bonus shot you can use to truly discern what is an “obligation” and what is a “perceived obligation”: Let down your guard. Yep. Stop resisting. Whatever you are fighting against, can you move toward it? How can it actually help you move the line of scrimmage forward in your favor, if you stopped fighting against it, and instead embraced it? If, when you let down your guard, you feel lighter at the prospects and inspirations that can come in you’ll know that you are meant to do those things that you have been resisting-and you may even find a way, YOUR WAY, to do them that resonates with you. If no inspiration comes other than to feel immensely unburdened by letting the thing go that you hate-well, you’ll have your answer then too.
  2. Get some hired guns. Stop doing it all yourself soldier. It’s really hard to lead (at home or at work) when you are the one doing all the grunt-work.
  3. TheWarofArtClaim your territory. Steven Pressfield in his book, The War of Art, talks about people who fight at the level of hierarchy vs fight for, or stake claim to, their territory. Basically, if you are doing battle for hierarchy there will always be someone above you that you’re competing with, and someone below that you’ll be trying to keep from taking your place. It’s exhausting and a no-win situation. (Think of high school and you’ll get the idea.) When you are claiming your territory you are orienting yourself to your own center of gravity, to the places and people and activities that feed you, sustain, and inspire you. Others may play in the same territory, but not in the unique way you do. This comes with knowing yourself and knowing what your territory is. (Hint: it’s in your design).
  4. Know who your Commander-in-Chief is at all times. Is it the little voices of your ego running the show, calling the shots and starting stupid little energy-draining battles all over your life & business? Or is it your Inner Voice, (your Higher Self, your Muse) who is giving you precise and inspired strategies and directives to follow? Learn to discern between the two and over half the battle is won right there!
  5. Man your station. This is similar to claiming your territory, however it is distinctly more personal in that it is all about you being you-your most authentic, genius- inspired YOU, that you can be. It’s about dressing and speaking and doing the things that are so deeply you, that you cannot be mistaken for anyone else. It’s about making decisions that come from your soul, not what you’re “supposed” to do because someone said that’s what worked for them, but has little or nothing to do with what would work for YOU. It’s about being the very best _____ you can possibly be because that’s how you’re designed and it’s aligned with your desire. Radically, unapologetically, being you in all areas of your life & business. (I personally am excited to share how I’m in the process of this right now – you can see a sneak peek of what inspires me below).


I’d love to hear what you have planned for your own personal revolution. Post your reply below or send me an email. What will you blow up from your past that no longer works? What new tactical maneuvers can you make that will make life & work easier? If you’re unclear let’s talk, I have some *top secret* information uniquely prepared for YOU to help you successfully overthrow what’s no longer working for you, and arm you with the best strategies for you’re own personal success at home & work.

Happy New Year!

From My Heart to Yours,

* A special nod to Eli, our 10year old son, who asked us the other day (in all sincerity) “What is your New Year’s Revolution?” (He meant to say resolution, but of course it was much funnier – and meaningful the way he put it.) I dedicate this article to him.


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