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Ugly Sweaters & Favorite Jeans: Making Room For New Gifts

It’s time to make room for the new!

Something I do with my kids around the holidays and their birthdays is go through the toys they are no longer using and pass on the ones they’ve outgrown, recycle the ones that can be recycled but no longer used, or trash the ones that are broken beyond repair.

I highly encourage my clients to the same.

The ‘gifts’ that we have received in the past are often the very things that limit us now. We get stuck in this belief that what fit us in the past or what worked to get us where we are now are what we need to hold onto in order to move forward.

It’s simply not true.

What do some of these gifts look like?

~relationships that no longer elevate us or the other person, we’ve outgrown them

~tools and techniques that are technically and theoretically outdated–or that have opened us up to another reality, but now we need a more expansive view and new tools to use for ourselves and our clients.  We are ready for a new age level of toy! (pun intended!)

~an expanded view that we have literally outgrown-we don’t actually hold that viewpoint any longer, but we are still behaving as though it is true and it feels very constrictive

~groups or organizations that you no longer resonate with or have outgrown

Some of these “gifts” are the ugly sweater syndrome, you received a particularly ugly or negative experience into your life and are still trying to find a way to make sense of it, or get rid of it without feeling guilty.  [These are intricately tied to your vulnerability and your genius!]

Some of these gifts were actually beautiful, wonderful experiences and people that helped move you (and them) along the path of greater awareness and consciousness, but they simply no longer fit.  You wore them well and now it’s time for a fresh experience and something that fits where and who you are becoming.

I call these the “favorite jeans”gifts:  They are the jeans that you absolutely LOVE, they used to fit so well, and you hold onto them for years hoping someday you can fit your butt into them again because you have such fond memories of how you felt and looked in those jeans.

Sometimes you can’t go back (nor should you…)

Bless the jeans and release them–there is a new favorite pair just around the corner…

What outdated “gifts” will you let go of this Holiday season so you can receive the new gifts that will expand your level of consciousness and awareness–and your bottom line in 2013?


To support you in this process I’ve created a powerful New Year’s Gift called the Out of The Middle Intensive.  You can read about it here.

If it is a gift you are ready to receive you’ll know it when you read it.

Spend some time this holiday season getting very honest with yourself:  what gifts are you still holding onto, even if you’ve outgrown them?

Then, with great love for yourself and gratitude for these ‘gifts’, let them go and make room for the new ones.

Love & Blessings, 




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