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There Is No Cure For Being Human

Over my 18+ years in the field of psychotherapy, I often felt – and believed – that MOST (not all) cases of depression and anxiety were at their core energetic blockages and spiritual “issues”, not necessarily biochemical. I still think that, perhaps even more so nowadays.

***Requisite Disclaimer*** If you are on medications DO NOT stop taking your meds until you consult with your doc, and please explore what I am sharing today from a place of, “huh, what if I’ve been missing something and looking for a solution or “fix” that physically may work, but mentally, emotionally, energetically, and spiritually, is not doin’ it for me.”

I’ve done several Human Design Readings lately that really helped me understand and think about the causes of burnout, exhaustion, racing thoughts, and feeling low energy, bordering on “depression.” I’ll share these below* along with the results and the “cure” from a Human Design perspective. [The “cure” isn’t really a cure at all, because there is nothing really “wrong” with you or your design as a human being. It’s just understanding and being in alignment with your design]. I’ve included a link to a recording of an overview of Human Design so you can check it out yourself.

*These are very general examples, each design is so unique and so rich with information and subtle differences, it would be impossible to give all scenarios and qualifiers for type, authority, and profile.

Burnout & Exhaustion:

The majority of people have their sacral center defined which is the center of life force energy. It has an “on” switch, but no off switch. If you have this center defined, you are either a Generator or Manifesting Generator. When you say “yes” to someone or something, you have to see it to the end, it’s really hard to stop and jump off the train mid-course. This is especially true for pure Generators.

Here’s where the problem comes in: much of what we learn about with the Law of Attraction and what we are “supposed to do” to attract and build business, wealth, and our dreams is, in my opinion, based on what pure Manifestors (only about 8-10% of the population) are able to do naturally. So we have the majority of people running around committing themselves to this or that project, or doing things the way their super- successful mentor or other teacher said to do it, and it is simply out of alignment with their design. [The very successful mentor or teacher is likely a Manifestor or at least totally clear how to work with their design and make decisions in alignment with their truth and is sharing what worked for them, but it’s not necessarily what would work for others].

Result: Burnout, exhaustion, not getting the most out of the coaching experience that they possibly could. Feeling unworthy, ashamed, often quitting “three feet from gold.”

“Cure”: Learn how to make decisions in alignment with your inner authority so you can commit yourself to those people, opportunities, and business ideas that honor your genius and feed your life force energy, not drain it.

Racing Thoughts:

This often shows up as inability to “turn off the brain” or as a flood of ideas and inspiration and getting caught up in the “which one should I do – they are all exciting and cool!” If your mind center is defined your mind never shuts down. You are working out concepts and ideas and inspiration all the time. You also have a tendency to worry and ruminate, which can, over time and with a good dose of emotion thrown in, create thoughts that are even more scary or worrisome, and a looping mechanism that has the thoughts repeating ad nauseum.

Result: racing thoughts, inability to sleep, inability to focus, and getting sidetracked by all the ideas and inspiration flowing 24/7, miscommunication and frustration because you over-share your ideas with people who aren’t ready to hear your genius and make changes.

“Cure”: Learn how to channel these awesome ideas in your work and life, and knowing which ones to share, and with whom to share them, for maximum impact in the world; learn to meditate and observe your thoughts objectively; learn to make decisions in alignment with your inner authority so you know which ideas to pursue and which ones to leave well enough alone.

Low Energy or “Depression”:

As I said earlier, I’ve believed that most mild, and some major, depression is really stuck energy. It could be energy that is stuck due to emotions, beliefs and past traumas, or as I’ve observed with my “worried-well” coaching clients, living out of alignment with one’s design. For example, I’m working with a gal who is a Manifesting Generator (MG). When she applies her life-force energy to projects, she gets them done, and in record time. As an additional note, her MG design is a defined channel that is a “fast-track” from her sacral center to her throat center, the center of manifestation. This means she is busy, busy, busy. This can be great, or not so great, depending on what she applies herself to. In other words, being busy for busy’s sake is not good, on the other hand, when she is doing something she loves, being busy is not a problem or cause for burnout – it’s rejuvenating for her and feeds her life force energy, vs. drains it.

Before she knew about this connection in her design, she described to me that she had been feeling “depressed and lazy”. That she is “used to being busy”, and didn’t seem to be as energetic and passionate, and certainly as active as she is used to, and enjoys being. Based on her inner authority, we saw that she had committed herself to a job that doesn’t fully appreciate her genius, and that while she is really good at it, it isn’t what she is passionate about or longs to do. We explored what really lights her up, and how the gates and channels in her design that are defined actually support her in making those desires and dreams come true. She lit up and is creating a plan to make those desires come true, while recognizing that her current job is a stepping stone to making it happen.

Result (of living out of alignment with design): low energy and feeling drained, stuck, and “depressed”.

“Cure”: Explore her true desires and dreams, receiving objective validation from her chart about what she really is naturally great at doing, and exploring how to make those dreams and visions a reality in alignment with her design. Make decisions about what to pursue and commit life-force energy to based on her inner authority.


These are just a few of the examples of ways in which my clients are experiencing a “cure” for the human condition: by learning their blueprint from birth and living in alignment with that, instead of trying to process old stories and “fix” something that ain’t broken in the first place.

You are a spiritual being having a human experience. When you find out how best to live your spiritual purpose by living true to how you were designed as a human being to live that purpose in conjunction with your desires, and you listen to your Inner Voice (or inner authority) then you are living a Life Well Spoken.

From My Heart to Yours,



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