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The Truth About Debt

I had a powerful insight about debt recently. Not just financial debt – all debt. Of course it started with financial, but quickly I was shown all the other areas where debt occurs, and the same basic principle applied in all those areas too. The principle is this:

Your debt is a direct reflection of your unwillingness to tell yourself the truth about your situation.


I thought it had to do with spending too much money!

It does, but more importantly, debt is the energetic consequence of avoiding truth.

First of all, let’s remember that everything is energy. Money is energy. Time, resources, emotions, love, fear, communication – it’s all energy.

Using the money example we can see two things happening:

  1. Money (credit) is being spent and the “plan” to pay it off or get a ROI is not being executed. You’re not living the truth you told yourself you’d live if you had this product or service. You’re not using it to the full advantage and so debt is accruing. For example, if you spent thousands of dollars on a coaching certification, but are not using it or doing what you intended to do with it because of fear, doubt, etc. then you have created “bad debt”.
  2. Money is being spent but not managed, it’s being spent without considering the consequences and what it’s REALLY costing you to spend that money. Avoiding looking at what is spent or owed causes the debt and interest owed to accrue more quickly.

In either case, tell yourself the truth about what’s really going on financially and your plan of action (or lack thereof) to pay it off. When you tell the truth it frees up your energy to actually begin paying it off.

“Bad debt” and the energy around it can transform – setting you free.

Makes sense, right? Pretty simple.

What about in relationships or in business?

Debt is when you’re spending (or expending)
more energy than you are receiving.

  1. If you are in a relationship where you are giving and giving and not getting much in return, you are living in energetic debt. It causes you to feel bad about yourself over time, and the interest on those negative feelings accrues quickly.
  2. If you are in a relationship in which you are not seen, or respected, you are in energetic debt.
  3. If you are in a job or business that doesn’t showcase your unique gifts and allow you to shine as brightly as you can (or your ego/little voices don’t allow yourself to shine), you are in debt – soul-sucking debt.
  4. If you are not physically healthy, you are in debt.
  5. Spiritual Debt occurs when you do not share your gifts with the world in a way that brings YOU joy and freedom of expression.

Truth: the debt will always be paid by someone somewhere.

It’s not uncommon for folks to get stuck paying other people’s debts.

Karma is a bitch sometimes.

…So whether we are talking about financial debt or energetic debt in relationships or business/job that doesn’t allow you to be seen in your strengths, you will pay the price at some point. Financial debt – while scary to most is NOTHING compared to energetic debt at the emotional and soul level. Money you can make and pay it off. Your soul however, doesn’t take kindly to being depleted over and over again.

So where are you accruing debt?

Is it financially?



There is a difference between debt, by the way. “Bad debt” is debt you are avoiding paying off or not telling the truth about. “Good debt” is money you’ve invested that you have a plan to pay off or that has a higher ROI than you spent.

Debt is not freedom. I’m not talking about investing in yourself or your business by the way, sometimes you need to do that to get the help, services, and resources you need. The debt comes when you let the fear be greater than the TRUTH in your heart. When you let fear derail you, stop you, or try to scare you back to the place where you made the investment from in the first place. That is exactly how “bad debt” accrues.

Tell yourself the TRUTH about your financial, emotional, spiritual debt. Then take some action to stop leaking energy and start building your assets. The cool thing is that AS SOON as you tell yourself the truth and then take action on the truth, (even if it’s painful or upsets others) you begin accruing interest on the positive energy that naturally comes with truth.

From My Heart To Yours,


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