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The ones you poo-poo are meant just for you…

Sometimes people will ask me: “How can I tell if this is guidance from my soul or intuition, or if I’m just making it up and seeing a connection that isn’t really there?”

Have you ever wondered that yourself?

I’ve often asked myself this same question and over the years I’ve come to notice a subtle thing that happens when I’m supposed to pay attention. You could call it a ‘disturbance in the Force’ [we are on vacation and watching all the episodes of Star Wars so it’s the best analogy I have right now!]


A disturbance in the force can be construed as a negative thing, or as an invitation to pay attention. I usually find that the messages ironically come when I’m already off track, and they are gentle reminders to get back on track. Perhaps a better word would be “fluctuation” vs. disturbance. It’s like an energetic wave of knowing that comes along with the messages I need to pay attention to.

What makes them stand out is that my ego (who is the one that led me astray in the first place) tends to poo-poo or wave off the messages mentally like “Ha! Isn’t that funny and kinda eerie? Anyway…moving right along as planned!” At least, in the past I moved right along as ego-planned. Now I’m getting better at paying attention to those fluctuations and I hope this message will help you as well…

Here are two examples that stand out for me as I write this:

In college I received a check from my Grandma for my 20th birthday. It just so happened to arrive the day that my friends and I had planned to go to a party where somebody was going to have cocaine for us. I hadn’t done that before and was both nervous & excited to experiment. In the card my Grandma wrote a simple message:

Dearest Kris, Happy Birthday! Keep your nose clean.
Love, Gramma Nita

Who the hell writes keep your nose clean in a birthday card? Apparently my Grandma, and my guides who obviously knew I was up to no good.

For the briefest moment I felt a wave of knowing and a sense that this wasn’t just a coincidence but then I laughed it off and marveled at the timing and irony of the message, and went ahead and went to the party and used the money for drugs anyway. I was sick in bed for 3 days after that party and felt like I had been hit by a Mack truck. I didn’t do THAT again, that’s for sure – but clearly it hadn’t stopped me. All these years later, I still think about that card and what might have happened if I had listened to that inner knowing, that fluctuation in the Force…

More recently I got a card from my Mother-in-Law saying:

…Enjoy your family, this the greatest gift you can have.

I skimmed over it mentally thinking “Uh-huh, yeah yeah. Of course. We all know that.” And even as I had those thoughts I could feel that familiar fluctuation in the Force: Pay attention here. Pay attention, Kris – there is a reason why you are getting this message and feeling this resistance right now.

Later that day as I was sledding down the hill with my kids and thinking about how tired I was from all the pre-Christmas stress and activities to pull-off another holiday with family, dealing with all the demands and personality differences, I thought about that card and how even though I was feeling a little flat and uninspired about the holidays & certain family traditions that something was calling me to remember what’s important. Calling me to remember what’s meaningful to me & what I’m working on at soul-level in this lifetime, and to pay attention to the things I dismiss quickly because there is great treasure and guidance for me there.

It shifted my whole attitude, and I could feel my judgements and stress melt away like snowflakes melting on my eyelashes.

I call these moments “guideposts” because they stand out in such a way that when you experience another one in another time and place, it immediately takes you back to a knowing and internal soul-orientation that says:

“Pay attention, you’ve been heading off track
and here is a place where you can choose to re-orient yourself. Choose wisely.”

Sometimes guideposts are fun and feel like pure joy. The fluctuations are like waves of warm sunshine on a glittering lake. These are the ones that mean “Yes! keep going! You are right on track!” Sometimes they come with a fluctuation in the Force that feels a little off, a little disturbing, a little heavy or serious, or ironic. And these mean nothing more than “Hey, you’re creating from that scared point of view again, you’re losing your way, come back to the sacred view again, get back in alignment with me, your soul.”

How do your guideposts show up? How do you experience that fluctuation in the Force?

Recall a few instances when you noticed something and then later it became obvious that it was a sacred 2×4 hitting you upside the head. Take those sacred 2×4’s and plant them as your personal soul guideposts. You’ll know the ones to trust because you will feel a fluctuation in the Force and if you’re ever in doubt, the ones you poo-poo or dismiss quickly, are the ones that will come back and smack you harder next time, so pay attention. Pay attention.

Wishing you an amazing and soul-full 2017!

From My Heart to Yours,


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