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The Art & Science of Human Design

After studying Human Design for the past 7 years, one of the things that really strikes me is how fixated people are on the science of Design, and how they lose (or never got) the Art of HD.

I’ve had clients come to me who have had technically accurate readings with other analysts (some trained, most self-taught or who read a book and think they are qualified to deliver a reading), I’ve even been in classes with people studying HD who don’t seem to get the art of it at all. They are fixated on getting the information “correct” vs. letting the information be a guide for experimentation and exploration.

 It’s frustrating to me because I see a tool that can literally LIBERATE people from their fears, doubts, disbelief, and confusion about who they are and why they are here. But instead, they become more stuck, and use their Design against themselves…which breaks my heart. Truly. 


A perfect analogy is the Sistine Chapel:

This close-up of God and Adam’s fingers nearly touching is well known.


But it is only a small piece of a larger image which shows Adam & God,

and THAT is even a smaller piece of the greater whole of the entire chapel!

When people focus on the science of Human Design, they see only a small piece of the whole. They see only a technically accurate, but limited piece of the whole picture.

The Art of Human Design is a SYNTHESIS! It is a context of how this individual interacts with others as well as how they are uniquely designed to process thoughts, emotions, energy, and their own internal private experience, not just the list of functions (centers), strengths (channels), traits (gates), Type, Authority, Strategy, etc…

And no two designs are alike. None. So even though we can speak to some of the technical aspects of a person’s Design, and maybe even generalize it to the whole of humanity, the fact is, there is much more going on here.

There is great energy and Spirit (ART) moving in and through Human Design.

If you’re feeling at ALL limited by your Design, remember this: You are here to be successful, profitable, fulfilled, and on purpose THROUGH your Design, not in spite of it.

And if you’re not inspired by your Design, then we should talk.

If you’d like a Synthesis of your Design, check this out.

From My Heart to Yours,



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