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The Art of Waiting: Your Super-Power Unleashed

You are a super-hero and you don’t even realize it.


We each have a symbiotic relationship with our design. It’s like a super-hero space suit. It’s our version of the Incredible’sTM “super suit.” Our Soul resides in it, travels in it, and it has a unique energetic make-up and purpose that it contributes to the whole of humanity & the world we inhabit.

Our super suits communicate with other suits on an energetic level, beyond language. There are deep and subtle, unique aspects of your design that makes your super suit unlike anyone else’s. 

To get a little mystical here (indulge me, it’s part of my super suit Design!) Your super suit has woven within it’s threads an aspect of Divine Timing – you may also think of it as a connection to the Universal Matrix that is infinitely wise beyond our egoic and human concepts and constructs of time, space, and how things really work at a quantum level.

Think beyond personality, and simply get into a mechanical point of view for a minute here. There is a way your suit, or design, works best. A way it handles best, and expresses it’s super power gifts with the greatest ease and even joy. It also has some challenges built into it, things you might think at first glance are “faulty” or “broken” – but in fact these challenges inherent in your suit are part of what make it special, and also how you attract others, support others, learn and grow, and even make money! 

Our ego, our feeling that we must be in control and make things happen with our “free will”, is what trips us up. Really we are here to be a passenger in this super suit, to work with it, vs. control or manipulate it. 

Our Design is greater than the sum of it’s parts – it’s a synthesis of all the cool bells & whistles built into the suit, but it’s also a synthesis of how we, as a Soul, as a Conscious Being, inhabit this suit. When we are alive, we literally BE (embody) the suit, and yet we are not the suit either as we will shed it when we die. It’s a paradox that causes great confusion and is the basis for the self-help industry.

Often we don’t trust our suit, we think it’s somehow faulty or doesn’t work as well as other suits, (or isn’t as cool-looking or fancy as other suits) so we try to be like others and operate like they do, but it doesn’t work. (This is part of what we are here to learn, and what the self-help industry tries to “fix” but hasn’t been able to – because it’s been looking at it from a skewed perspective).

Free will is often used as an excuse or reason to control things, things that we really have no business trying to control. We have elevated free will into this this all-powerful answer to creating or transforming anything we want, but what we don’t understand is that in free will there is also surrender, and waiting.

Waiting isn’t the absence of free will. Waiting is the correct use of will. It’s FREEING your will to work symbiotically with your Design. It’s trusting all of your design’s unique bells and whistles, and using them as the gifts they are designed to be, vs. overriding these gifts and submitting to the shadows and distractions that are built into your design (suit) to let you know when you’re off track! 

There’s nothing wrong, it’s more like a finely tuned alarm system that keeps you going on your correct path, doing what your and your suit came here to do, and it let’s you know when you’re off-track and off-purpose, or using your super-powers incorrectly.

In this super suit series I’m going to discuss aspects of the ‘standard operating system’ which is built into every super suit, based on the Type of suit you inhabit. Please know however, that your unique design, your unique super suit, is going to determine HOW you experience and express the features of this standard operating system. That’s what makes Human Design so wonderful and dynamic, and so hard to generalize.

As waiting is a function and integral part of how each DesignType or super-suit operates, let’s take a closer look at the essence of what waiting is like for each of the types. Before I do so, know that I’m describing the main energetic aura of each of the suits – how it operates with the other suits, and how it fits into the Divine matrix of the Universe. 

Remember, no two suits are alike, your unique super-power suit has it’s own combination of strengths, weaknesses and bells & whistles that make it incredible and an essential contribution to the whole. 

Get out of the mind, wait for your suit to be activated correctly – 

and let your design do it’s job.


Evaluator (Reflector):

Wait to be initiated. Your suit has a mirror-like reflective quality. Like a mirror – you reflect what steps into your field. A mirror’s purpose is to be the clearest most reflective and non-cloudy surface it can be. Unlike a mirror on the wall, which has no consciousness or will of it’s own, it can’t CHOOSE it’s environment and the people who are looking in it (to see themselves) – you, as a person, CAN choose. 

In fact having clear boundaries and awareness of the environments, including people around you will help you be a clearer mirror. Life polishes your mirror through teaching you self care and clear boundaries. You are the keeper of the mirror, and you are the mirror (it’s what you embody in your suit). You, as the conscious Being inhabiting this mirrored super suit, also work with life to polish and take care of it.

When you are initiated, when someone or something steps into your presence, or you put yourself in an environment because you’re walking through life, doing your thing and just being you – recognize that some people will not like what they see in your mirror. That’s not about YOU, that’s about them. 

Others may love to be in your space, and be with you. You may feel delight and surprise when you are with them – this will indicate the environment and people in it are correct for you. They may even have the awareness that not only are they seeing themselves as a beautiful healthy amazing creature, they will also see YOU as the mirror – and this will bring you further delight.

If you expect them to see you through their own reflection, you will likely be disappointed. Your super suit is very rare, less than 1% of the population embody a suit like yours. You and your design are rare gift to humanity. The rules that apply to most of the population, don’t necessarily apply to you when it comes to relationships and interpersonal dynamics. While this may seen challenging (and often is!) you are absolutely equipped – and your super suit is perfectly designed, to handle whatever comes your way.

Again, this is where clear boundaries come into play. Your connection to Spirit, whatever that looks like to you, is essential. A mirror is impersonal, it reflects only what is in front of it, nothing more, nothing less. So, hang out with people and in environments that delight you, that feel good to you. This may or may not be possible all the time, and recognize that in some ways you may be called to reflect what is not working, and not going well, that is energetically draining or chaotic. No need to avoid this or run, simply offer your clear reflection, your “evaluation” which is the unique way that the defined traits which make up your design, filter and process the person, place, or experience that is in front of you.


Innovator (Manifestor):

Wait for the correct impulse to act.Your suit is waiting to be switched on by Divine timing – to get something started or move into action. Your suit has a direct line to the Divine impulse to evolve and begin new things and to MOVE into action. In fact, your suit is always ready (even in ‘sleep’ mode like a computer) to initiate whatever is called for in the moment.

Here’s where it can get tricky…Your suit has a unique way that it knows what to initiate and when to initiate something. It may be instantaneous, or it may take a little time for you to be emotionally clear, no matter how it works for you, your mind and ego and conditioning can easily get involved because often life and other people aren’t moving as quickly as you’d like to go!

If you act on every thought, every emotional impulse, you may find that you become exhausted, or that people will thwart your efforts because they can’t keep up with you, and maybe in some cases, YOU can’t keep up with you either!

Use your Decision-Making Strategy to decide what is worthy of your time and energy to initiate. If it’s correct, you will likely have Builders (Generator Types) who come behind and around you to contribute their energy to the movement you’ve initiated. Without that clarity, which doesn’t come from the mind, you may feel as though you’re starting a lot, but not able to complete things, or that people don’t appreciate you initiating them and rebel against your efforts.

Waiting for clarity before you take action is key, as is informing others (people who are directly impacted by your actions) once you are ready to initiate something. Your aura pushes outward and both initiates and impacts other suits. This can feel uncomfortable for others and you may wonder why they bristle at your well-meaning attempts to help or motivate them. If you’ve watched the IncrediblesTM movie, you know how some people don’t want to be ‘saved’ and it causes lots of mayhem and problems for everyone involved, especially the super-hero. 


Builder (Generator & Manifesting Generator):

Wait to respond. We builders have woven into our suit an incredible source of generative and regenerative power. We can access Universal power and life-force energy consistently, and through correct use of our power, we can generate more of that power. Yes, we need rest – in fact that’s part of the regenerative process, but really we are here to do stuff. To work, to act, and contribute our energy & power to the world and others in a way that brings US satisfaction.

How do we decide what to do with that power? We wait to respond and use our either or sacral or emotional clarity to tell us when, where, and with whom to share this power.

Builders have a magnetic aura that is pulling things to us all the time. People, experiences, resources, ideas, things, etc. Truly, from the moment we open our eyes in the morning, to the moment we lay our head on the pillow at night, there are things to respond to. The trick is getting clarity on which things, people, ideas, etc to commit our considerable life force energy to. 

The next step will appear – always. However, if we don’t know where we want to go – what our vision is, then we will always have something calling to our energy, something to distract us off our path, and Builder Types – having a lot of energy, are notorious for over-committing, simply because we can get away with it far more easily than the other types.

Your body, specifically your Energy Resource Function (sacral) is pulling these things towards you for you to respond to. The clearer your vision and what you want to create, the easier it will be to discern which ones are a distraction and just the flotsam and jetsam that show up in your tractor beam magnet along with the good stuff meant for you.


Advisor (Projector):

Wait to be invited. I’ve written about this elsewhere with being a lighthouse, and BEING an invitation – or being “inviteable”. Here you are waiting to be recognized and acknowledged – and maybe even formally invited – to give your advice, insight, connections, gifts, etc. When you don’t wait, and you either get impatient or feel invisible or that people aren’t listening to you, that’s when you might jump in and offer something, which may or may not be well received, or even received at all. 

The paradox here is that you can’t not be seen, and you can’t not be felt – your aura penetrates and goes right into the heart of other Types (it’s like you have X-ray vision built into your super suit!) — you are here to guide others after all! However, if the other person isn’t ready for what you have to share, no amount of words, no louder volume nor smack upside their head will get through. 

When you are patient, and like a lighthouse you simply stay put and shine your light, others who want to be led ashore to “safety” or clarity, will see you if it’s correct for them and will ask for your help. You simply can’t force them to do that before they are ready!

Invitations can come in may ways – subtle and not so subtle. Pay attention – you may see that there are many invitations coming at you from all kinds of directions, but because you are either attached to it coming in a certain way or from a certain person, you may miss them. 

Finally, if your energy field is cluttered with bitterness and resentment, perhaps even entitlement, it blocks invitations, and makes it harder for the rest of us to see and hear your genius and super-powers!


No one likes waiting. It’s not comfortable. Even Dr. Suess wrote about the “Waiting Place” in Oh, The Places You’ll Go! It’s a dreadful place, and yet…when we look beyond our expectations and our desire to make things happens in OUR time vs. Divine timing, we realize that waiting is a magical process that brings us exactly who and what we need, right when we need it.

Trust and patience are part of the process. Simple to say, not always easy to do. That said, I invite you to consider that waiting in alignment with your super suit or design type, can actually get you where you want to go much faster than trying to take control of the suit and using your “free will.” 

It’s like a super-hero who, instead of waiting to use her super-powers for good, decides she wants to show off what she can do, or feeling bored she uses her powers when she wants to vs. when she is called to. You can have the best of intentions, and still be acting out of alignment. This is typically how the ‘villain’ in the movie is created. 

And truly, we become the villain in our own life when we use our suits incorrectly. We get stuck in situations have have no business being in, we waste our time and energy doing things and being with people we have no business being with, we struggle and judge ourselves and want a new suit claiming this one we were born with is somehow broken. 

Experiment with it for yourself and see. You may just find the ease and flow you’ve been trying to create happen as if by magic. It’s not actually magic, it’s your superpowers unleashed. 

Wait and see…

Want to understand how your unique super suit works? Let me show you.


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