Are you the doormat on the doorstep of your dream?

I was a doormat. There. I said it. Out loud. I was sitting on the doorstep of my dream, flattened by fear and letting the little voices of doubt, shame, guilt, fear, criticism, and judgement keep me from reaching up, turning the handle on the door of my dream, and opening the door to see […]

Middle Mind Myth #3

These are the myths that keep us stuck in the middle.  That crazy-making place of mediocrity, fogginess, and dashed dreams.  I’m dropping some Inner Voice BombsTM to explode these myths and help us all move out of the middle and into becoming thought-leaders in our own lives. Middle Mind Myth#3:  “I don’t have the money/ I […]

Are You A POB?

It’s Veterans Day here in the States, and to be honest until very recently I hadn’t thought much about what that meant.  It wasn’t until seeing my son’s 2nd grade assembly yesterday in celebration of all that Veterans and soldiers who are currently serving have given in exchange for our freedom that I really felt […]

Who wastes your time?

Today I was out for a run and I passed a young woman wearing a t-shirt that said in big neon block letters on a black background: “Don’t Waste My Time.”  I smiled at her as I ran by and kept thinking about her shirt.  There was something about it, something missing–and then I got […]