Arianna Huffington Speaks on Leadership

Today, I am letting Arianna Huffington (of the Huffington Post) explain what’s most important in life, leadership and success. I’ve attached the article by Ekaterina Walter and her interview with Arianna in full below, but here are three of her eight nuggets with my own comments 🙂 “We need space to innovate, think, and strategize. […]

Fear is NOT Your Birthright

I’m mad.  Really mad. It’s time you got mad too. Why?  Because fear has got you by the ovaries. I’ve talked to you.  I’ve listened to your dreams, your visions, your goals. I’ve heard what stops you. I’ve heard the excuses, “there’s not enough (money/time/belief) and the “oh it’s not so bad” comment to wave […]

Middle Mind Myths

The Middle has a mythology all it’s own. Forget Grimm’s Fairy Tales.  Those are child’s play compared to the sinister myths that keep folks muddling in the middle for years.  Never quite slipping into the oblivion of total emotional follower, and never quite elevating oneself to conscious thought leader, the middle is a holding zone. […]