Do you treat your dreams like spiders?

I talk to a lot of people and most of them have at least an inkling, perhaps tucked away safely in their heart for years, of what they feel called to do – or would like to do if they knew they couldn’t fail. This inkling, or divine spark of an idea, keeps bubbling up […]

Low Self-Esteem Is a Choice

Today’s article is not an article. 🙂  It’s a recording!  Specifically it’s the first call from our Inner Voice Circle. In this recording you’ll learn: The TLC Turnaround™ (Or how to connect to your Inner Voice anywhere, anytime) How we communicate energetically (and how to stop taking on other people’s crap) Why discerning between the […]

Burn Out The Old And Bring In The New!

One of my favorite traditions is the Burning Bowl Ceremony. You can find one a the Unity church near you, but just in case you’re no where near a formal burning bowl celebration, and you don’t have a fireplace you can try the following at home. This is a “smokeless fire” (however when you burn […]

Is Your (Internal) Government Shut Down?

Let’s cut to the chase, after all you’re probably a little tired of those little voices waxing moronic as they to waste time, deflect responsibility, and “keep you safe” in the spirit of your constitution (“I’m just made this way, I can’t do anything about it, it’s how I roll”). Here’s how to know if […]

Integrity: It’s a Choice, And That Sucks

Don’t you just wish people would stand by their word? Personally, I’d like to believe it’s just a given, and as certain as night follows day, people will act in integrity all the time across all situations. Unfortunately that’s just not the case. Maybe those people who don’t stand by their word are folks closest […]

Bare Legs And Heart

Oy. The past couple weeks have presented numerous opportunities to grow and step out of my comfort zone. It hasn’t been easy, but it has been amazing. One of the ways I stepped out of my comfort zone was to wear a dress while delivering a keynote address. For some of you this may seem […]

Is your underwear inside out? A Reality Check.

Reality Check: Is Your Foundation in a Bundle? A couple of years ago I was working with a coaching client who was having a really off day.  It was like everything she touched went haywire, and she was helplessly watching a lot of the things she had built fall away.  It was so awful all […]

Are You A POB?

It’s Veterans Day here in the States, and to be honest until very recently I hadn’t thought much about what that meant.  It wasn’t until seeing my son’s 2nd grade assembly yesterday in celebration of all that Veterans and soldiers who are currently serving have given in exchange for our freedom that I really felt […]

Freedom Fighter

Last night, Dewey Bozella, a man wrongly accused of murder some 30 years ago won the Arthur Ashe award on the ESPY’s.  While I didn’t see his acceptance speech, my husband shared it with me-and I just watched the video about him and his life (see it here on YouTube). I am so impressed by […]