Messy Mom Monday – November 23, 2015

#‎MessyMomMonday got the call from the school nurse last week. You know, the one. The dreaded…head lice. Our kid? Ugh. no way. That happens to other families. Not our kid. So much judgement and dare I say it, shame, from us as parents. Where did it come from? Wanting to point finger. There’s no way […]

Messy Mom Monday – October 26, 2015

#‎MessyMomMonday‬ ‪#‎ADivineMess‬ Here is the great irony of my life: Up to this point, I seem to have learned the most about communication, intuition, success, failure, parenting, and pretty much everything else from doing the very thing that would create a big f*cking mess in my life, business, relationships. (Do you learn that way too?) […]

Messy Mom Monday – October 19, 2015

#‎MessyMomMonday Art is good for the soul… I got to make a wonderful waxy mess in my first encaustic class. I loved the process of building up the wax in layers and scraping it away. It drips everywhere. It’s hot. It smells like candles. Creating. Destroying. Who we are, what we *think* we are, what […]

Messy Mom Monday – October 5, 2015

Dogs, control freaking, receiving, and enlightenment. That’s what today’s #MessyMomMonday is all about. I like dogs. I really do – someday we will have one of our own. And at the risk of offending 99% of my friends and the 98% of people who live in this town (because they are all dog-owners and in […]

Messy Mom Monday – September 28 2015

‪#‎MessyMomMonday I refereed my daughter’s game with PMS this weekend. Need I say more? I will anyway. Good Lord I don’t think in all the years of having my period I’ve ever experienced such pure moodiness and raw irritation as I did Saturday. I’m sorry family.  🙁 Here was my prayer and meditation before I […]

Messy Mom Monday – September 21, 2015

#‎MessyMomMonday‬ I lost my kid in Target while school shopping. She’s so independent. She wanted to look in the toy section with her brother, I zipped down to the school supply section to get the ‘boring’ stuff. (We’ve done this routine before in many other stores, my kids know how to find me, and we […]

Messy Mom Monday – September 14 2015

#‎MessyMomMonday‬ I was inspired to share this article from another parent on my Facebook timeline and write an extensive comment.…/…/join-me-in-judging… Then I proceeded to get curious about my own judgements around people hitting their kids (I left them on the post on my page so you can see them). My opinion that I shared […]

Messy Mom Monday – September 7 2015

Parenting: It’s a labor of love… In celebration of Labor Day here in the states, I’m sharing some of my messiest mom moments in my Tedx Talk:   I’m trying to reach 10,000 views by Messy Moms everywhere! Will you share with the moms you know – the messy ones and the ones who seem […]

Messy Mom Monday – August 17, 2015

#MessyMomMonday I hate conflict. Lots of emotion, tears, battles, harsh words, cold shoulders…all of it. Hate it. Nobody likes it – I know, but it seems to be something I’ve avoided most of my life. Interestingly, with my clients it’s no problem. They can get emotional all they want, I’m fine. My family? Friends? Oy. […]

Are you a Messy Mom (or Dad)?

This is a post I put on Facebook Monday and the response was overwhelming. Welcome to the first not-so-official #‎MessyMomMonday! Last week a woman who is an ideal client for me told me that she didn’t hire me a year ago because she thought I wouldn’t be able to handle her dirty laundry (and we […]