Do you treat your dreams like spiders?

I talk to a lot of people and most of them have at least an inkling, perhaps tucked away safely in their heart for years, of what they feel called to do – or would like to do if they knew they couldn’t fail. This inkling, or divine spark of an idea, keeps bubbling up […]

Stop Man-handling Your Intuition

I’ll be honest with you, I have experienced massive doubt when it comes to my intuition, as I’m sure most of you have as well. One time, I became obsessed with getting “proof” that all my visions and meditations and experiences in the Akashic records and other times in my life & work were “real”. […]

How To Work Small Range For Huge Gains

Successful people choose to do mostly small and seemingly inconsequential actions everyday that bring them closer to their dreams that 95% of people don’t, or won’t, choose to do. I love my Barre 3 class. (I promise this story will relate to your business & mindset and not just about my abs!) If you’ve never […]

Burn Out The Old And Bring In The New!

One of my favorite traditions is the Burning Bowl Ceremony. You can find one a the Unity church near you, but just in case you’re no where near a formal burning bowl celebration, and you don’t have a fireplace you can try the following at home. This is a “smokeless fire” (however when you burn […]

Scared Blind

I had the stye from hell. It was so big and annoying. It wouldn’t go away. I had it for a whole month and now it’s finally diminished enough to say it’s healed up. My eyelid was so swollen I could hardly see for a couple days. The eye doctor said I might have to […]

Retreat & Retrieve

I’m writing this week’s article from 35,000 feet on my way to Minneapolis for a retreat with my coach and mastermind group. Retreats are interesting for me because I almost always have some “breakdown” occur before, during or afterwards that ultimately allows me to propel forward. These breakdowns are really just me fighting letting go […]

Middle Mind Myth #3

These are the myths that keep us stuck in the middle.  That crazy-making place of mediocrity, fogginess, and dashed dreams.  I’m dropping some Inner Voice BombsTM to explode these myths and help us all move out of the middle and into becoming thought-leaders in our own lives. Middle Mind Myth#3:  “I don’t have the money/ I […]

The Silent Killers of Business–Are They in Yours?

Every business has them, silent killers that destroy our intentions, goals and dreams of success. What are these killers and where do they come from? More importantly, how do we transform them into productive upstanding citizens? Have you guessed it yet? I won’t drag it out, if you’re like me you want the answers and […]

Are You A POB?

It’s Veterans Day here in the States, and to be honest until very recently I hadn’t thought much about what that meant.  It wasn’t until seeing my son’s 2nd grade assembly yesterday in celebration of all that Veterans and soldiers who are currently serving have given in exchange for our freedom that I really felt […]

Freedom Fighter

Last night, Dewey Bozella, a man wrongly accused of murder some 30 years ago won the Arthur Ashe award on the ESPY’s.  While I didn’t see his acceptance speech, my husband shared it with me-and I just watched the video about him and his life (see it here on YouTube). I am so impressed by […]