Mindset: what if it isn’t all about beliefs?

I’ve had a lot of conversations with clients over the past couple weeks where they brought up the issue of their limiting beliefs and fears that keep coming up (even after they thought they *dealt* with them in the past). Sound familiar to you as well? I know it does to me, and believe me […]

Are You Broken Yet?

I was listening to Air1 radio station the other day. I love most of the songs and the fact that the music is sometimes hard rock or rap but has a positive message. The DJ was talking about being “broken”. He was talking about how people often think of themselves as broken, as less than, […]

Scared Blind

I had the stye from hell. It was so big and annoying. It wouldn’t go away. I had it for a whole month and now it’s finally diminished enough to say it’s healed up. My eyelid was so swollen I could hardly see for a couple days. The eye doctor said I might have to […]

Freedom Is A Practice Not A Right

We on this continent should never forget that men first crossed the Atlantic not to find soil for their ploughs but to secure liberty for their souls. ~Robert J. McCracken First, I want to say I am eternally grateful for the men and women who left behind all they knew and took risks, even sacrificed […]

Pick A Horse And Ride It

Passionate Choices Lead To Potent Consequences* I had an uneasy realization this past weekend. I’ve been addicted to the Aha’s. The breakthroughs, the process, the dramatic realizations and discovery of personal truth. There’s nothing wrong with those things in general, in fact they are awesome and totally part of the journey. But I found myself […]

Retreat & Retrieve

I’m writing this week’s article from 35,000 feet on my way to Minneapolis for a retreat with my coach and mastermind group. Retreats are interesting for me because I almost always have some “breakdown” occur before, during or afterwards that ultimately allows me to propel forward. These breakdowns are really just me fighting letting go […]

13 Tips For Thru-Hiking Your Business

The Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) and Appalachian Trail (AT) are getting more well-known with the number of people hiking them and writing books about their experience. I have to say, I find it annoying. For a couple reasons: My boyfriend, Mike, and I hiked the PCT in 2001, we spent 4 months thru-hiking it from […]

What is it costing you to be virtuous?

Do you like to be thought of as patient, tolerant, and willing? Yeah, me too. (Though I must admit, patience isn’t exactly one of the virtues I’ve cultivated over the years!) This week, to kick off my Lead From The Heart Program I’ve asked participants to make a list of what they’ve been tolerating in […]

Is your underwear inside out? A Reality Check.

Reality Check: Is Your Foundation in a Bundle? A couple of years ago I was working with a coaching client who was having a really off day.  It was like everything she touched went haywire, and she was helplessly watching a lot of the things she had built fall away.  It was so awful all […]

Ugly Sweaters & Favorite Jeans: Making Room For New Gifts

It’s time to make room for the new! Something I do with my kids around the holidays and their birthdays is go through the toys they are no longer using and pass on the ones they’ve outgrown, recycle the ones that can be recycled but no longer used, or trash the ones that are broken […]