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Mixed Messages

While traveling in Oregon last spring we came across a coffee shop that had this neon sign lit in the window.  And yes, it was during business hours.

My husband and I thought it was amusing and took a photo.  Then it hit me: many folks in business are giving exactly the same kind of mixed messages in their dealings with potential customers.  How so?

 It’s the energy or vibe they are giving off.

I met a gal at a networking event a few months ago who is involved in a multi-level marketing business selling jewelry–doesn’t matter which company, and I can’t recall anyway.  Her energy was so flat, I didn’t care to remember.  What I did remember about her though was what I over heard her saying to another person at this event “Yeah, I burned through all my family and friends–so now I guess I gotta go out and network.”  

Um, HELLO!  Definitely NOT attractive to potential customers.

Here’s what REALLY bothered me about this situation:  she clearly didn’t believe in herself, and that is the energy, the vibe,she gave off–literally repelling her ideal customers.  I felt sorry for her.  If you don’t believe in yourself, or if you have a lot of fear, reluctance, avoidance and downright angst about getting out there and sharing what you have to offer–then you are in essence saying “I have a business, and I’m sorry to bother you, but might you, possibly want to…oh, never mind.”  Her beliefs, and the heavy feeling around her spoke louder than anything else about her.

Let me pause here for a moment and explain something:  I am an empath and an intuitive as well as an entrepreneur.  I read other people’s emotions and energy, the energy in a room and energy between people.  It took me many years to realize this is both a very useful skill and can be overwhelming at times as well.  My specialty is communication–both spoken and unspoken and this is what I teach my clients as well.  This post is a peek into how I experience the world of business, both logically and spiritually. Most of my clients are female entrepreneurs who are feeling stuck in their business.  They are not making the kind of money they want to, and many of them wonder (secretly of course), “Am I good enough?”  Sound familiar?

Back to our story…On the other end of the spectrum, I was at another networking event just 2 days ago and while we were doing a version of “speed networking” I had the unfortunate experience of standing nose to nose with another businesswoman (interestingly, she was in MLM too–hey nothing against MLM–I was involved for 6 years and I get the allure of it), who was so blatantly NOT listening to me, and whose energy was like a mack truck running into me because she couldn’t wait to cram her product down my throat.  Believe me,  I was sorry she’s in business!  

There are many examples I could share, but here is another brief one:  I was at an event last spring where a gentleman got up to talk about his business and what he had to offer.  He followed a powerful speaker who had just totally connected with the audience because she was real, and spoke from her heart and the audience had really opened up to her.  Energetically, it was a beautiful thing to behold.  Unfortunately for him (and us), he stood up and was so ill at ease in front of the crowd, that he didn’t work on connecting with us–he just wanted to give his information and get outta there.  The cohesiveness of the room, and the high energy that was there only minutes before plummetted and what was really remarkable was that this guy had a business doing some form of marketing!  I can’t recall the name of his business (and wouldn’t share it here even if I did!) because all I was left with was his energy and how he lost the crowd almost immediately.  I bet he’s really good at what he does, that’s what the folks said who introduced him, but that’s not what came across in his energy.  This is an unfortunate situation I see over and over again–really great people who have excellent products and services who can’t speak to sell themselves–and there is a potent remedy!

The energy (think neon sign here) you give off when you are out marketing and selling yourself and your product or services is a crucial aspect of attracting your ideal customers.  What affects your energy, AKA the “vibe” you are giving off?  Your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, etc.  And I don’t care if you are the most logical hard-nosed business person, on some level you know what I’m talking about because it is your sixth-sense.  And it is powerful.

Consider that your vibration, your energetic alignment with your business (aligned=good, flowing, attractive/misaligned=blocks, fears, stuck, repelling) is one of the most important parts of your wardrobe when you go out to network, have a sales conversation, speak in front of an audience, give a presentation, or even make a follow-up call in your jammies on a Friday morning.

Your thoughts and beliefs and emotions are running the show.

The question is:  Are they serving you and your clients, or keeping you stuck?  

The good news is that we can shift these thoughts, beliefs and emotions–quickly and easily and working with energy shift them deeply and powerfully into beliefs and positive states of being that are attractive to your ideal clients.  When you learn how to recognize your emotions and thought patterns that keep you stuck, you can apply tools that I teach you to get yourself unstuck, get your energy aligned for an awesome networking or sales event and go out there and BRING IT (without bowling anyone over with your energy or leaving them wishing they could take a shower after meeting you!)

Wouldn’t you love your energy to say “Yes, I’m open for business.  I’m open to receiving my perfect clients now.  I’m open to receiving all the abundance I can possibly receive through my business, AND I am a clear and confident channel for sharing this abundance with others” (even if they aren’t my target market).   Yum.  Now that’s attractive!

If I you’re feeling stuck or wondering if you’re giving off mixed messages to potential clients and customers, click here to set up your free 30-minute Speak Freely Strategy session where you will learn how to get unstuck in your business, and where I will share with you my favorite tools for getting your energy “online” before interacting with others–in business or personally!

From My Heart to Yours,




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